Right in the middle of a game of tennis, two childhood friends are facing.What's going on inside these two men's heads as the game comes to its end?

A terminally ill crime boss, known only as The Man, hires a hit man named Frank to carry out his own assassination as well as the assassination of The Woman he loves. When The Woman turns ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jodi G (kr) wrote: Well done. Entertaining. Obviously not released in the USA because it doesn't fit in with how we like to see ourselves. But nothing new in that area for Nordic Noir Fans, who are sure to enjoy this series.

Paul C (ru) wrote: Oh how expectations can deceive.But it's important to keep an open mind. Not everyone will appreciate this movie. They will see the slow plot development. They will see the very Disney-esque "Storytime" method. For me, it was a reflection of my inner dreams and desires, more than a real life. I think the movie was designed that way. From the get, go, if you watch how it is shot, you will see that no extras are used without necessity... Almost like a work of fiction. And the entire movie surrounds the importance between separating real life from fiction. Yes, it's very cliche. Yes, it's something we've all seen before. Yes, it might get a little lost at the end. But this was a very pleasant and very intriguing surprise. And it thoroughly captured me.

Deb K (au) wrote: Another of the "After Dark" Series of Horror movies. While aspects of the story here are highly unrealistic, the good performances and twisted plot details keep this one from derailing. A very good, just not excellent horror flick.

Queencroft H (fr) wrote: There's only one thing I have to say about this film: It should've spent less on graphics and more on better locations. The entire movie seemed to revolve around an empty grassy field and an empty warehouse that could barely pass for a TV station. My conclusion? Twister and the Day After Tomorrow blended together with a dash of horrible dialogue.

Michael T (de) wrote: Claire Denis film is cold and confusing.

Aaron C (gb) wrote: an unexpected gem that got me smiling throughout the film... i'd love to embrace life and love like ms. toulemonde -- especially during the difficult times.

Max H (au) wrote: A feel-good true story with laughs and tears that largely succeeds thanks to Chiwetel Ejiofor's performance as Lola. I'm sure that the Broadway musical has everything the film had offered.

Sarah (es) wrote: Meh, had funny moments that I enjoyed it was okay.

Ana B (es) wrote: Increbles paisajes.Las peores condiciones de vida no impedirn que florezcan la amistad y el amor.Y el hombre ms ignorante,caer preso del hipntico teatro de oir literatura de la que cree tiene que renegar.. Me impresiona la imagen final,que te dice que bajo las aguas de la presa que inundar todo,quedar para siempre atrapado el recuerdo de estos chicos con su dulce msica y sus lecturas a escondidas.

Trevor G (ru) wrote: A decent college flick, one of the better teen movies to come out in a while

Daniela C (ru) wrote: This was way better than 'Sister, My Sister' although both are pretty awesome. ...The older sister's insanity is definitely more disturbing in Murderous Maids.

Lee M (nl) wrote: Between a 5/10 and 6/10, Nicholson's intense, volcanic performance saves this part-fact, part-fiction biopic that's a little too in awe of its subject.

Orlok W (ag) wrote: A visual feast.......sumptuous.....a moving human drama!!

Mike S (gb) wrote: Tom Waits. Nothing more to be said

Teresa A (us) wrote: Woods--he is pretty good at playing the total nut-job. Becker did a nice job at showing the consequences and repercussions of actions good and bad.

Des S (mx) wrote: I enjoyed this remake because it kept to the same story as the original, but brought it into modern times.

Leena L (br) wrote: Young (17) Melanie Griffith makes the film worth your while. Never seen her in her early films when the lips were still small and face alive (oops). The story keeps your attention, although all things are not clear and keep you wandering afterwards. But what was idea with the 70s moustache??

Michael M (de) wrote: An intriguing look at one of the more well-know feral child cases, it's an engaging film that deserves the title of "classic."

K D (de) wrote: I really loved the chemistry between Lombard and Gable in this film. It was unique in the fact that you could really feel it growing in the film and it wasn't just a single level throughout.

Matt H (kr) wrote: Leslie Howard and Bette Davis' characters are now pretty laughable; it's Bogie's show all the way, he makes the movie somewhat memorable.