Break of Day

Break of Day

Tom Cooper, a married man recently returned from WWI, falls in love with an artist visiting his country town, but he has misgivings after meeting her city friends.

Tom Cooper, a married man recently returned from WWI, falls in love with an artist visiting his country town, but he has misgivings after meeting her city friends. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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familiar s (nl) wrote: Yet another Prakash Jha film trying to throw some light on one of the major national concerns. But the story used for the cause is way too clichd and worn out. It'd have worked out big time all the same had the casting included some big names/stars. While it succeeded to receive positive reviews from most critics, it didn't fare so well at B.O. (compared to Aarakshan, Raajneeti, Gangajal, etc.). The performances are alright, but the dialogues lack punch. Besides, Abhay's voice sounds funny even during serious scenes. All said and done, the movie is tolerable enough (extremely lame ending being overlooked for the way the movie proceeded, I wasn't expecting wonders).

PJ P (it) wrote: Cinema-goers and critics seem to love them for some reason. Yet another British 'realism' movie about working class thuggery with the twist that the hero is good at Latin. But if you're from the south it won't be the Latin which is the problem but the Glaswegian accents, for which I recommend sub-titles for the occasional word which isn't c**t, not that there all that many. Ultimately tedious and with an entirely bizarre ending which I suppose has to be symbolic, but is a bit like being hit by a frying pan, unless it's some weird joke. Pointless.

Laurent R (jp) wrote: An easy watch, not particularly great by any means; it's no Straight outta compton but but it's an easy sit through and if you enjoy Fifty's music i think you'll like it.

Andrew B (it) wrote: Incredibly disappointing.

Prashant B (nl) wrote: Stunning potrayal of Mumbai's criminal underbelly. Gritty, real, hard-hitting and disturbing movie that took a micro-level observation of gangster-politician nexus and their modus operandi. RGV's most accomplished work till date and the best Hindi gangsta film.

journei c (br) wrote: this story is so great no matter what other people say you should look at it and see for your own it is lovely

Mommy of 3 (ca) wrote: Great Movie June Allyson is just wounderful in this movie and it has great musical numbers that we all love to sing along too.

Lee Anne W (mx) wrote: It has to be seen to be believed. And directed by Lasse Hallstrom, no less.

Malka W (ca) wrote: I love this movie...I can't even say how many times I've seen it. Great songs, I love Judy Holliday, she's got spunk! :P Dean Martin's hot too...a really hilarious movie from the good ol' days

Gregory W (nl) wrote: another great combo pic

Badr D (gb) wrote: Who is Vivian Maier?!

Shane W (mx) wrote: A relatively weak story limply gravitating around Day-Lewis's incredible performance.

KJ P (gb) wrote: This type of spoofing has been dead in the water for a very long time; However, upon hearing that the "Fast & Furious" franchise was being spoofed, I had to take a look for myself. While there are a few jokes here and there that hit, the film misses on so many levels that it just becomes old and tiresome about 30-minutes in. Trying to play off the actors in the hit series does not work for any of these wooden actors and actresses, with the exception of mimicking Dwayne Johnson's character of Hobbs. Overall, these filmmakers know exactly what they are making and by now you should know what you are getting yourself into. I viewed this film out of pure curiosity and it was still a complete waste of time. The only compliments I am able to give this film is that the production felt a little more focussed than most of these types of films, but they do nothing with this created atmosphere to even care a little bit. Aside from a few moments of chuckling, it is a very stale spoof on the acclaimed action franchise. Recommended? Hell no...