Breakfast with Jonny Wilkinson

Breakfast with Jonny Wilkinson

Greyhawks Rugby Club is under threat from land developers, and Dave's position as chairman is being challenged by an extremely loud Australian. The faithful few have gathered on the morning before the election to watch England in the Rugby World Cup Final and tensions are running high for more reasons than one Why does Jake, the first team prodigy, leave the room every time Jonny Wilkinson takes a kick?

Greyhawks Rugby Club is under threat from land developers, and Dave's position as chairman is being challenged by an extremely loud Australian. The faithful few have gathered on the morning... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joshua L (ru) wrote: kinda sad but interesting.

Lynette L (ru) wrote: I think it's time for Dolph to retire!

David C (kr) wrote: Some of Lynch's movies (Mulholland Drive) are more fun to try to figure out than others (this one). But it's still visually mesmerizing, and Laura Dern is pretty amazing.

Valeria B (gb) wrote: The only good thing about this movie is Idina Menzel's character.

Kristin S (us) wrote: One of my favorites... always a good laugh and great quoteables!

cli o (au) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

Spencer S (us) wrote: This documentary is a beautiful time capsule of the "ball" culture of late eighties drag culture. Not only does it show the performance aspect of these intricate and flawless drag shows, but also the AIDS fueled hysteria of the time, discrimination against gay people, and the fears and doubts of these one of a kind people. Since the film was released, many of the performers have died of AIDS related illnesses, and many of their trade secrets and views on life are only evident on the celluloid that this film was printed on. The subjects of this two year documentary are fascinating because of their candor and reverence for their craft. The film is both insightful in its depiction of ball culture and thoroughly entertaining for its depth and scope.

Kenneth B (jp) wrote: This is an old favourite of mine and having seen it for the first time in roughly 15 years I'm pleased to announce this as thoroughly entertaining b-movie nonsense. It's positioned somewhere between Jaws and Godzilla so is unashamedly derivative but that doesn't really matter.

Alex D (es) wrote: Man this was a really emotionally powerful movie, and an amazing cinematic experience. Honestly has one of the best sound designs, an amazing score, that I have seen from a Japanese film, but also has some of the most powerful imagery I have seen from one too. Highly recommended to all those not scared off by subtitles or movies lacking explosions.

Jim F (mx) wrote: This was the good film in the Disney Combo pack. Its Donald's birthday and his friend from Brazil sends him a birthday package. He gets a film about a Penguin who moves from Antarctica to someplace warm (very funny) and then the pops out to take him on a magical journey to Beria, Brasil. Not as good as the penguin story, but its cute and has some interesting Human/Cartoon interaction. Recommended.

Sean S (ru) wrote: Reviewers hated this but I loved this little behind the scenes look at the first visit by a British King to an American President and the little interactions that occurred as our relationship with Britain changed in the run up to WWII.

Christopher B (es) wrote: Maybe not the Best film of 1998 but its delightfully sharp, stunning fiction love letter to Shakespeare.

Jude P (ag) wrote: Forget about apparitions, this movie means to be a psychological thriller, a powerful one. Becon at it's best ever performance.

Countess N (ru) wrote: Was really enjoying this thriller WHEN the Horror Channel accidently showed the wrong movie towards the end...The Uninvited turned into Alien Nation ARGH!!!! So i have no idea what happened at the end,did anyone see the full version? Think i know what the ending would be but i would love to know for sure.

Cedric L (es) wrote: Charming romantic comedy with a fun cast.