Breakin' All the Rules

Breakin' All the Rules

Inspired by his fiancée (who dumped him), a man publishes a break-up handbook for men, becoming a bestselling author in the process.

After being abruptly dumped by his fiancée, Quincy Watson decides to quit his job as an editor. Inspired by her, he publishes a break-up hand-book for men, becoming a best-selling author in the process. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John C (nl) wrote: The greatest horror documentary of all time right next to "Never Sleep Again: the Elm Street Legacy", which are both perfect Halloween treats for horror fans

Jenny Y (it) wrote: ????????????????????

Swati A (mx) wrote: it started with a good concept. However a lot of sequences were too "filmy" and hard to digest. The songs were totally unnecessary and seemed out of place. Past the 1hr, the movie's core concept was lost somewhere. The director seems confused. The message given at the end of this movie is quite wrong IMO. Why not improve the quality of education in the classroom, rather than taking coaching classes.A plus point of this movie is the use of good Hindi. and of course good acting by Mr. Bachchan. negative point is the length of movie. It needs a lot of editing.

Mauricio O (nl) wrote: Excelente documental acerca de lo que se denomina eco-terrorismo. Una mirada profunda a estas organizaciones que luchan por un futuro para el planeta.

Monique Y (nl) wrote: One star for Pacino and another for Mirren... as for the movie, especially after waiting a month to watch it? extremely disappointing!!!

Lora R (es) wrote: Eeram is one of the few good Tamil thrillers.I like the story, it was well written and the cinematique techinques were cool. The gloomy and rainy shots were nice and matched the movie well.I like the cast too, especially the heroin, she was cute and played her role well.

Andy W (gb) wrote: Terrible, wont hold your interest at all, good cast wasted

Jose V (au) wrote: Very entertaining, good acting and story. Great action movie. It also have some funny scenes. WOW I wasn't expecting to really like it, but I did.

Rodrigo R (gb) wrote: Have never watched anything as pretentious - and yet empty - as this.

Daniel V (ag) wrote: I gave this movie a C+

Syed R (it) wrote: Cliched struggle.Powerhouse perfomancs though by Arshad warsi,Boman Irani and John Abraham.

Rebecca C (gb) wrote: I'm not sure what it is about this movie but it's one of the ones we pick quite frequently when my husband and I can't decide what to watch

Nick S (es) wrote: I've seen a lot of bad movies. I don't think I've seen one worse than this.Highlights:-Half of Seagal's dialogue is dubbed by someone that sounds nothing like him.-The writers were understandably proud of the line "Revenge is a two-way street," because it's repeated three times (by three different characters.)-Andre the Giant has a posse; Steven Seagal has a favorite A-team.

Ashley W (kr) wrote: It's cute and great for the fans. Plus, the side story about her stepsister is rather touching.

Wes S (ag) wrote: Sloppy teen-romance, disgrace to the horror of vampires, dumb moments, poor acting, terrible dialog, too many pauses, yaddayadda. Best film in the franchise. It's all downhill from here.

Lisa R (gb) wrote: The books were pretty good

Rebecca C (au) wrote: Cinematography is good, the way they shoot the scenes in the movie definitely refreshes how a Chinese wartime movie is portrayed..A bit of dilly-dally but this movie is overall alright..Chow Yun Fatt is definitely the original pre-wartime Shanghai gangster/mobster, he can still rock that persona after all these years

Lewis E (ru) wrote: 'Friday Night Lights' rightly tackles a true part of US sport culture by showing the pressure placed on a high school American football team by community supporters and family members. To a less effective extent, it also emphasises how pursuing a career in the sport is the only way of escaping this economically-limited town for the majority of these boys. Consequently, the best bits aren't the clichd on-field action or reinforcement of team spirit but rather the dynamic between a player and his parent or the coach and opinionated fans. Despite this, the film is still formulaic while the personalities of the players and coaches are too plain, making it harder to enjoy than most other sports movies. Whether it'll be the correct pick for you will depend heavily on how much you like American Football.

Danielle M (kr) wrote: I can't wait to see it