Breaking Point

Breaking Point

A retired police detective reluctantly returns to action to stop a serial killer dubbed "The Surgeon".

A retired police detective reluctantly returns to action to stop a serial killer dubbed "The Surgeon". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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ToyahKate M (au) wrote: I can see why this only appeared on the cinema for a few days. It was bloody awful!

Sebastian M (br) wrote: "The Maze Runner" was in just about every way excellent, form it's well written plot and dialogue, to it's suspenseful actin and captivating special effects. This movie went above and beyond and did anything but disappoint.

Pablo G (au) wrote: Maybe if they didnt pay so much attention to the sci-fi part of the story, or if it werent such an interesting addition, one would care more about the main drama, one that is pretty basic and at the end pretty pointless and unsatisfying. The movie is however fairly interesting and is told with plenty of modern style and dramatic moments that keep the viewer interested, at least, in the main characters feelings and objectives.

Maurcio V (nl) wrote: A construo da narrativa no nova, mas o roteiro em si envolvente, traz dilogos interessantes (e muitas vezes cmicos), focando nas tticas criativas do Oakland Athletics para superar o baixo suporte financeiro e obter destaque na Liga Americana de Beisebol. Em se tratando de elenco, Brad Pitt est muito bem mas, quando em cena, os mritos maiores de O HOMEM QUE MUDOU O JOGO so para Jonah Hill. Muito bom!

Peter B (fr) wrote: A strange, disturbing but a the same time good movie about the world of advertisement. Dujardin is excellent.

Amit C (ag) wrote: This one was too unhappy a movie for my taste. Don't get me wrong - there are some stellar performances, but this one doesn't end on a happy note.

Ryan W (ag) wrote: It's a powerful grim and at times very crazy film about a gang of neo Nazi skinheads in suburban Melbourne

Zack B (it) wrote: Joan Crawford gives one of the most heart-wrenching performances of cinema. I really dug the black-n-white photography, especially in the scene where Veda and Monte are flirting on the bar.

Liy D (us) wrote: Honestly I began this movie for a laugh. It's the type of film you expect to be horribly cheesy and ridiculous and it did not disappoint. From the unecessary off roading to avoid every obstacle, to the lack of any appropriate emotion when people die, to the horribly stereotypical Russian and Chinese accents that faded in and out. This is a movie for the slightly wasted or those who just want to laugh at how bad it is.

Dave S (au) wrote: only watched cause denis leary was in it