Breaking the Taboo

Breaking the Taboo

Documentary uncovering the failure of the UN sanctioned war on drugs.

Documentary uncovering the failure of the UN sanctioned war on drugs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alirea R (us) wrote: two starts only because of the custome and sets. Terrible acts and poor story.

Jacob P (ru) wrote: This is a story about how a young lady gets a roommate who turns out to be obssessed with her, so she kills people, all because she didn't take her medication...Hmmm. This was pretty bad. The acting was terrible, and some parts didn't even make sense at times. Did this copy "Single White Female?" Oh, yes. It's the same exact story. The kills however were ok, but this movie still sucks.

familiar s (au) wrote: Even Suniel accepted that he hardly understood anything when Mani narrated him the movie. However, he was inspired to do it seeing Mani's confidence in it. Suniel probably must have repented for his decision later (not sure though b'coz most of Suniel's decisions related to his movie selection are awful). Bad story, bad screenplay, bad acting, bad direction and hence a bad movie. Worth avoiding at all costs!!!

Cameron F (fr) wrote: Tom Hanks stars as a Fed Ex trainer whose airplane crashes leaving him alone on a deserted island in a remote area. He ultimately must learn to survive and soon finds a way to be rescued. Hanks does an excellent job at keeping the viewer engaged throughout the 2 hour plus film.

Terri H (jp) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested