Breaking the Waves

Breaking the Waves

In a small and conservative Scottish village, a woman's paralytic husband convinces her to have extramarital intercourse so she can tell him about it and give him a reason for living.

Oilman Jan is paralyzed after an accident. His wife, who prayed for his return, feels guilty; even more, when Jan urges her to have sex with another. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Breaking the Waves torrent reviews

Niloo R (de) wrote: the most horrible, disgusting, stupid. pointless, HORRIBLE movie i have EVER seen!

Mark W (nl) wrote: Not bad for a movie with a $47.00 budget. The idea of giant eels is neat. The story is a little weird though. And the effects are very poor. But, once again, not that bad for a shoestring budget.

Zully P (jp) wrote: Don't waste your time =S...

Frances H (it) wrote: Very well acted and fascinating film by the maker of Waking Life, one of the most original films I ever saw. This film is very different from Waking Life, and rather remind me of Rashomen in plot--an action from the personal view of three different people, each telling a somewhat different story of an event that could or could not be a rape. But here all the dialogue is intensified by having it all occur in a cheap motel room, giving it a somewhat claustrophobic quality.

Manna K (ca) wrote: Gets better every time you watch it:)

Alexander C (mx) wrote: Could be worth watching. Will find and devour with my eyes!

Jade F (es) wrote: This one star is for the so-bad-it's-good quality.

Randi R (br) wrote: Burlesque is my favorite movie. Christina Aguilara is my favorite actris . She is Pretty,Nice ,and wonderful . So please watch Burlesque.

Ergo Sum J (ru) wrote: i would not give any weight to the tomatometer. It is a movie that passes the test of time and spawned successful TV shows. If there is anything I would agree with the self proclaimed critics is the finale was anti climatic. Didn't have bite to it. But other than that, it is worth the watch.