Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Vince and Shonda have come to the proverbial end of their ropes with one another. Set in Atlanta during the 2008 Presidential Election season, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do is the touching story of what happens when two people feel they have nothing more to give to a relationship. A funny and intimate look at how people fall in love and what it takes to stay there, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do touches on the reality of the outside forces that can make or break a relationship. They say the truth will set you free, but when Shonda and Vince are armed with the truth, will they use it to set themselves free for once and for all?

Vince and Shonda have come to the proverbial end of their ropes with one another. Set in Atlanta during the 2008 Presidential Election season, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do is the touching ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jordon J (gb) wrote: I was only remotely interested in watching this because of Steve Lemme i wanted to see how funny he could be in a kids film & believe it or not he's still pretty funny i was rather impressed but everything else in the film is what brings him down such as some brutal acting from counterparts and just the fact that it's a corny low budget film but other than that it isn't the worst thing i've seen on netflix. So i say RENT IT!!!

Katarina S (fr) wrote: The shittest film I have ever seen. I didn't even wanna give it half a star but it wouldn't let me post this message otherwise.

Felix P (au) wrote: Great movie about a future without violence, hunger, unemployment, discrimination... and love.

Barry H (kr) wrote: Film was well crafted in many ways and a joy to watch.

Lucy W (au) wrote: Boring film ever but is good to as raises some good points

Tamika M (nl) wrote: One of my fav. movies as a kid!!!!

Carl M (fr) wrote: Brad and Janet escape the clutches of the evil Dr. Frank-N-Furter only to end up becoming the unwitting stars of Denton TV's hit reality series in this little-known follow up to THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. Cliff De Young and Jessica Harper step in as Brad and Janet Majors, with many other familiar faces found within the cast (including screenwriter Richard O'Brien returning as the eccentric Dr. Cosmo McKinley). O'Brien transforms his love of cult Horror movies and classic television into another wild Rock Opera that strikes at America's obsession with the small screen. Although the musical numbers treat us to the same sharp wit and colorful characters as before, SHOCK TREATMENT never reaches the same level success as its predecessor. The tunes simply aren't as catchy, and none of the crazed villains can ever match Tim Curry's signature role as Transylvania's finest transvestite. Jessica Harper does a fine job in her solos "Me of Me" and "Carte Blanche," but even she cannot top her previous performance in Brian De Palma's THE PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE. In spite of its shortcomings, SHOCK TREATMENT has still found its own cult following amongst the midnight crowds, and is sure to entertain fans of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW.

Jesse M (kr) wrote: 007 always delivers fun, but every now and then it dips in quality. This would be Brosnan's least in his tenure as Bond. It seemed less interested in spy intrigue and more intent on over the top action drenched in computer fx.Don't get me wrong, it has the exotic locales, the women, and of course Bond's swagger. It has sword fights, Bond unshaved and unkept, with an updated Aston Martin. It does have the cool gadgets even. Overall it's a fun and entertaining Bond, but it falters towards the second half with absurdity that borders on parody. This is Bond, not Austin Powers.I guess they took a look at xXx at the time, and thought hmmmm...

Juan E (br) wrote: Good movie. Cage/Cusak gave good performances.

Tom F (au) wrote: Interesting concept, film a bit too long but felt the acting was very good.