Breakout from Oppression

Breakout from Oppression

Tsao Chan (Gordon Liu) is a letter carrier in the countryside who wanders into a town after being accosted by some corrupt cops. He witnesses three men running from a group of houses, and when he investigates he finds two murder victims inside. Meanwhile, a skirmish is developing between a factory owner (Fung Hak On) and his workers, led by two brothers (Paul Chin and Dean Shek). Tsao recognizes the brothers as two of the men fleeing the murder scene, so he decides to ally with the factory boss in order to go solve the crime. Soon though, it becomes clear that the boss and his thugs may have other things in mind that aren't so kosher. Tsao becomes trapped in the middle of the feuding groups and must decide who is honest and who is not.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:78 minutes
  • Release:1973
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:kung fu,  

The hero visits a town and meets a woman whose daughters were killed. He seeks the murderers, eventually encountering three men who he initially believes are the killers, though he learns ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alexander P (ag) wrote: Very disappointed in this movie considering how funny we all find TV Burp. There were a few laughs here and there but there were some really weird and awkward parts to watch. Personally I don't think they needed songs. Simon Bird was the best thing about the movie by far. I think overall there was one bit that made me LOL!

Dan H (fr) wrote: As the movie starts, I got the strange sense it was going to be similar to V For Vendetta. It wasn't too bad, but not sure I'd see it again. The constant "interview-ness" of the plot, in my opinion, took away from any suspense that the movie tried to create. There are a few "feel good" moments, but still a big fail.

Paul C (es) wrote: I was not dissapointed in this movie or in the mixed ratings it must have received to earn the rotten tomato rating. In fact, I watched it twice and was just as taken with the characters and the nuanced performances of the cast as I was of the courage it took the director and editors to present such a consistently human vision of what a world that knows its days are numbered might actually look like. "Tender, charming, and well-acted", yes, "hamstrung by jarring tonal shifts and a dissapointing final act", not if the movie is meant to paint both a literal and metaphoric picture of the seeming fickleness of time, love, and space. That said, most people prefer their end of the world comedy/romances served with safety and a side of predictability. I'll take mine with jarring shifts and a giant asteroid exploding into the final act. How many tomatos can I give this?

Blanca E (us) wrote: Tortured is a good thriller movie. When you get to know the characters you'll ask yourself who is controlling who.

Robin D (nl) wrote: I've always loved the Asterix cartoons so couldn't resist renting this. Had the usual brawls against the Romans but they find the Vikings to be tougher to bring down. Some great music in it too inc. Eye of the Tiger lol wild boar anyone?

Montgomery S (ag) wrote: Almost impossible to describe. Just see it.

Michael J (es) wrote: Ok it's racist but it's true: in general, black people love this kind of over the top comedy. The humor was Very Bad. But Very Good. It's a matter of perception. A few very unforgettable scenes.

Giedre I (ag) wrote: I loved the movie,why movies like that are not made these days anymore? they are so true to life!!! i loved the little parts of the movie that were in Lithuanian, Lithuanian dancers and songs and baptising of the baby... the accent however was so strong i couldnt recognize my own language lol

Sara L (fr) wrote: One of my favorites as a kid, it's about three senior citizens who want to stage a bank robbery before they die. When they start to pass away,that's when it becomes a tearjerker.

James W (br) wrote: This is a comedic masterpiece, I laughed so hard at this movie. It's one of my favorites of all-time.