A 12-year-old boy who is yet to feel the first trembles of love. He is shy when a girl calls him for a bike ride and then at the beach it becomes clear that he is a bit embarrassed of his body, as he struggles behind a towel to change into his swimming suit.

A love story involving a convicted prisoner who "slowly falls for a woman who decorates his prison cell". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wayne C (kr) wrote: I am a registered professional engineer and I have not only watched "9/11 Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out" several times, I have also previewed it with groups of people of various backgrounds. The overwhelming consensus is that it is a very compelling documentary with many experts talking frankly about the laws of physics and how they don't support the official story (of planes and fires completely destroying three skyscrapers all the way down to their basements).I especially like the inclusion of psychologists and therapists talking about why it is such a hard story to hear and accept. In my experience, showing this documentary helps explain to people why the world seems to have "gone off the rails." To many, it seems that way because the "blather" we have been told doesn't make any sense. It is refreshing to see expert opinion bringing us back to reality.I recommend that everybody watch this and then share it with your friends.

Cynthia S (mx) wrote: Interesting plot, some good ideas, and some good acting, but the whole thing ended up being less than the sum of its parts. With more skillful direction it could have been a good movie. Ultimately, I ended up not being drawn in completely. A decent attempt, though, I must say.

Ashleigh D (ca) wrote: Depressing movie that never ends, but it's got some great acting in it.

Nick P (br) wrote: A perfect example of a movie that shouldn't exist.

Jack C (it) wrote: An uninteresting concept makes for an uninteresting watch

Allison R (ca) wrote: hmm we are about to watch this now

Chase F (ag) wrote: I just saw this film last night and to be honest I didn?t know what to think about it. Part of me liked it and part of me didn?t. It?s one of those love it or hate it films. It was possibly the only true low budget horror film that keeps its word and there word is all the carnage is shown on screen. Yes you heard me right unlike most horrors that boast they don?t shy away from the violence, most actually do. The carnage begins you see a little then it shys away and then you see the ?after? effects. With Bone Sickness when the carnage happens, you see it ALL of it. This film is as extreme as low budget horror can get. It?s even more gory than Evil Dead, which I never thought was possible but I was proved wrong. Ok now that?s said more isn?t always a good thing. Paulin does what he can with the budget that he has, the effects are ok but not quite brilliant. He?s more like a poor man Peter Jackson Sometimes the effects work and sometimes they don?t. Some may look good and some you can totally tell are fake. Both examples are shown in this. If you got the stomach of it (not to mention the guts too) then you?ll have fun watching people die in gruesome ways but if you use your brain too much then you just won?t enjoy it as much. The story is very corny and even totally ridiculous but somewhat fun too. The acting isn?t that good either. You can tell that it is a low budget horror movie straightaway but how everyone (including the director Brian Paulin who is also in this as a major character) somewhat gives their lines with a hint of wood. Certain essences of the story are borrowed from most other horror maestros like Lucio Fulci, George A. Romero, Tobe Hooper, Sam Raimi to name but a few and you will see it used in this film. There will be some scenes where you will say ?he copied that from Fulci, he copied that from Romero, he copied that out of Poltergeist.? All in all if you suspend your brain for about 2 hours and revel in gore then you will find this crate of lager movie fun to watch. Although by the end it all goes really weird. This film really does have the WTF??? Factor to it. It?s worth watching at least twice. Be warned though this film contains worms and maggots used in close detail that will turn your stomach if you eat while watching. Having his characters puking and crapping up maggots and worms did make me a little queasy but Paulin does bring a sense of dread to this gory tale.

Tony V (kr) wrote: I think that I must have watched a different movie than what the 80% seemed to have liked.

chris g (ru) wrote: Terrible movie 90's actioner, only worth viewing to marvel at Don Johson hair and Rourkes teeth!

Patryk C (es) wrote: A very chilling and suspenseful new wave thriller, which shows how a seemingly perfect murder might go berserk because of a single little mistake. With its soothing soundtrack performed by Louie Armstrong, and with its elegant cinematography made by Henri Deca, Elevator to the Gallows flows wonderfully as a very successful neo noir. It has a distressing claustrophobic feel given by the intertwining elevator scenes, where the leading man got trapped after he committed a murder. Moreover, there is a devilish femme fatale strolling around the beautiful nightly Paris looking for her lover, and two reckless youngsters, who unintentionally drag themselves into the whole intrigue. Although the theme is classic, it doesn't seem derivative and looks surprisingly fresh in the French surroundings.