Based on the life of author, war veteran, one-time franciscan priest and unconventional evangelist Brennan Manning. A stranger agrees to give Brennan a ride home to New Orleans in order to save his marriage.

Brennan is a powerful film about the reckless, raging fury that we call the love of God. It tells the story of a stranger who agrees to give Brennan a ride home to New Orleans in order to save his marriage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Austin G (mx) wrote: If you're expecting the old Jackass stunts and people getting punched in the groin, you get the latter, but Bad Grandpa is a real movie with a story line. Admirable to try, but ends up giving you an uncomfortable wedgie.

Tyler E (ru) wrote: Ti West continues to try different approaches to the horror genre, and finds success here again with a fake Vice documentary. [B]

Seth C (ca) wrote: Quirky characters, powerful history, feel-good finish.

Ryan K (kr) wrote: Quite an interesting premise, which unfortunately, fell a tad flat in the final act.

Emma B (de) wrote: If I never see Brooke Hogan in another movie again it'll be too soon.

Niceman D (de) wrote: This was never meant to be a great movie, nor even a good movie. It was just an excuse to see Matthew McConaughey wander about as a plastic shirtless Ken for all Cougar Barbie fantasies to be satisfied. This was given away by the fact Matthew McConaughey wore the same shorts every day. The same low cut shorts shorts... and nothing else but his rippling, glistening torso... in every scene! It's a primal erotic fantasy movie for some, a pile of steaming horse shite for most.

Michelle S (br) wrote: Awesome!!!!! It has so much meaning too :)

sally p (ru) wrote: a good movie to remember sweet love shining along with dancing,dancing makes you feel your true self, you feel like a bird of freedom.

Tim W (jp) wrote: Again, not a clever story and seemed stupid at times. But again the chemistry between Jackie and Owen made it fun.

Michelle C (us) wrote: a simple and fun movie.

Matthew T (ag) wrote: Kiddie flick. Everybody's gotta start somewhere, right?

Chandrahasa R (jp) wrote: Very funny and beautifully executed. One of the best 'Comedy of Error' movies. Must be watched to enjoy the class of yesteryear bollywood.

Frank M (ag) wrote: Awesome! Faye Dunaway was a bombshell in this one! I also loved that sequence where Kirk ran really fast in the back of his mind.

Katie G (br) wrote: 1940's=<3 a very good movie

Shelby M (ag) wrote: One of my absolute favorite movies. The best part for me about this movie is the fact that the soundtrack has music from the time period instead of using modern music for a story from the 60's. Has the best soundtrack and score. Love, love, love it!

Larry R (br) wrote: This a touching, real life love story... brilliantly acted.

Keith C (kr) wrote: Heartwarming, but tired cliches throughout. Misses the direction that we have come to expect from Clint Eastwood movies that he usually commands for himself. Actors lack emotional depth and writing meanders w/o Eastwood holding the movie accountable in his command.

head s (ca) wrote: The movie title came from the show made by Christopher Reeve character. He was the main character in this movie. He made a fictional pimp as an article in a magazine. Suddenly, that fictional character he made up, Tyrone was actually a living breathing pimp Leo Smalls. From there on he got acquainted and trouble starts to brew.Morgan Freeman as an 80's super PIMP and that was something. A good movie, but not great.