Brewster's Millions

Brewster's Millions

Brewster, an aging minor-league baseball player, stands to inherit 300 million dollars if he can successfully spend 30 million dollars in 30 days without anything to show for it, and without telling anyone what he's up to... A task that's a lot harder than it sounds!

A minor-league baseball player has to spend $30,000,000 in thirty days in order to inherit $300,000,000. However, he's not allowed to tell anyone about the deal. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Raphael E (fr) wrote: A really surprising find. Felt very honest and real.

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Justice F (au) wrote: Decent film funny but stupid B-

Private U (us) wrote: no main line, no idea, no sense!

Syd Synister (de) wrote: It's kind of a bizarre movie, but I really like it.

Cecilia M (it) wrote: A lovely movie from the great director Juan Jos Campanella; sweet, funny, clever and refreshing. It's not overly sentimental and has one of the best reconciliatory speeches ever. Warmly recommended.

Stuart M (it) wrote: Gosh, a video game adaptation that didn't sweep the Oscars? What an astonishing turn of events! This film isn't very good, which is a shame since the series it's based on relied heavily on VAs and was about as film-like as it was possible for a game to be. And some of this does translate on screen with a somewhat developed backstory and naval structure. The problem is that they either introduce this material clumsily or omit to explain it altogether. For example, Blair, our lead, is discriminated against because of his race (being a white male sure is tough) and has been his whole life. And yet he seems surprised by it here, and even has to ask his boss what his people did that made them so disliked. That's better than the universe's backstory. All we really know is that mankind is at war.The basic idea is cool: naval combat in space. This can be taken to stupid extremes (staying quiet so the enemy can't hear you? In space?) but it offers us a great chance for military scifi. Some of the space scenes are kinda cool. They actually reminded me of BSG in a way, which is quite a compliment. Unfortunately, the graphics, while sometimes pretty, never come close to being believable. And we're not given enough information to know how all this combat works. It's technical without being intuitive. The ships are also too similar and unimaginative. We can't tell hero from villain.The film also has a terrible case of 90sitis. The lead characters are bland pretty boys and it's just filled with loud yet harmless testosterone. They also have the standard wild dog pilot, whose reckless behavior puts everyone in danger yet we're to accept as youthful good spirits. Yuck. The film does have the occasional good military space opera moment, but mostly it's too disorganized and confused to make sense.

Lee B (es) wrote: Not watched for 20 years...still one of Seagal's best films

Paul W (ag) wrote: A fun romp that I always enjoyed getting a laugh out of this when I was younger. Nothing fantastic, but just a great comedy you can't take seriously.Plus, I always did like watching Shelley Long, and wished she'd never left Cheers.

Paul M (gb) wrote: Not as graphic as later entries in the cannibal trend but unfortunately still has some animal cruelty but has more of a character development style than most. Those expecting holocaust or ferox will probably be very disappointed.

Jacob M (ca) wrote: Another great film from Kurosawa.

Troy O (de) wrote: Freaking awesome!! Revenge is bitter sweet

Kevin M (mx) wrote: Less focused on battle and more on the psychological trauma that war has on the average person. This is a war movie that makes you question what a hero really is. Filmed incredibly well, Clint Eastwood's portrayal of Iwo Jima is saturated and depressing, much like the mindset's of the people who partook in the battle. The stand-out character is Ira Hayes, one of the men hailed as a hero simply for raising an American flag on the top of the island's mountain. It's a tragic story, but it's done so well. Clint Eastwood never disappoints.

Jesse O (mx) wrote: I honestly don't think I've talked about how Borat, the movie obviously and not the titular character, is one of my favorite comedy films of all time. Like, literally, maybe top 5. Monty Python's Life of Brian would be on that list, as would be Chaplin's Modern Times and The Great Dictator. Black Dynamite is a must and then Borat. I don't know what film would end up rounding out the top 5, I'd honestly have to go take a look through all of the comedies that I've seen. The point is that Borat, as controversial as it was and, realistically speaking, still is, was really one of the great satires of, maybe, all time. It was a movie that made people uncomfortable and grossed them out, sometimes all in the same scene. But it was a movie that highlighted the type of racism that was still alive in some American communities at the time. And then Sacha Baron Cohen's career kind of exploded after that and, ever since Borat, he's certainly been trying to recapture that lightning in the bottle. Bruno wasn't as successful as Borat, which followed the same mockumentary formula, even though I still thought it was a great comedy. But there is no denying that Bruno lacked the same spark and wit that made Borat such a hit. Bruno felt like Borat, but with a gay character instead of a Jewish-hating reporter. Sacha certainly smartened up after that, as he hasn't gone back to the mockumentary formula since Bruno. He knew that, at least at the time, he was super famous and he would be recognized everywhere he went. Which is why he's tried out his hand at more straightforward comedy films like The Dictator and this one. Let me just get one thing out of the way right now, Sacha is a tremendous comedian. I really do believe that, he is a man who is willing to do absolutely anything and everything it takes for his comedy. If you haven't seen that in the films he's had a creative involvement in, then you're really not very perceptive. This movie is no different. He puts himself in situations that other comedic actors simply wouldn't even dare to. But the point I'm trying to make is that, even though he's moved on to fully scripted comedies, he's still relying on the same raunchy humor that first made him famous in Borat. There's nothing wrong with that, of course, but the fact of the matter is that it just doesn't feel fresh anymore. It's been ELEVEN years since Borat and he's still using the same irreverent and controversial humor. Which is why, to me, this movie isn't even as good as The Dictator, which wasn't perfect, but it was enjoyable. And that's saying something. The idea isn't anything special and Mark Strong, who plays Cohen's brother here, is certainly game for whatever nonsense the script may have him do next. The film attempts, somewhat poorly, to tell the story of these two brothers reconnecting after Sebastian (Strong) is adopted and the abandonment issues he faces as a result. I get the idea behind the flashbacks, it shows what one would do for a person they love, but the kids aren't very good actors and the flashbacks themselves rely way too much on sentimentality. There's a bit of a disconnect between that and the rest of the movie, which is so fucking raunchy. Nobby (Sacha) has to suck out the poison out of his brother's testicle. There's a, literal elephant bukkake scene. Yes, you heard that right. Sebastian and Nobby, to escape from the villains, hide inside an elephant's vagina. One of the male elephants then fucks the female. Nobby, who says that male elephants can fuck upwards to 3 hours. To avoid this, he sticks his hand out and then he rubs the elephant's balls in order to make him ejaculate. Nobby succeeds and he makes the elephant ejaculate all over his brother. Much to their chagrin, however, more elephants start to line up for an orgy apparently. They don't show this, of course, but the next scene is both brothers in a tub trying to wash the filth off. There's also shit humor, of course, queefing, shooting kids with AIDS, who's blood is then ingested by Daniel Radcliffe, who then tests HIV positive. There's so much crazy shit in this movie that I'm honestly surprised they were able to get away with an R-rating. Like the entire testicle sucking scene goes on for quite a while and Sebastian even teabags his brother. That goes without mentioning the giant elephant dick in display and all the fake elephant cum the characters end up washed in. The problem with the film isn't that the humor is raunchy, this is what I've come to expect from Sacha. The problem is, other than the inconsistencies, that what used to be fresh and witty in Borat, now ends up feeling far more formulaic.and trite here. I will never hold it against a comedian to stick with what he or she knows best, but there's also something to be said for stepping out of the box and just trying something new. The only exploring Sacha has done is doing films that aren't his own, which he's been great in, I can't deny that. The exploring isn't applied to his own style of comedy. Which is a shame, because when Borat came out, Sacha was on the pulse of what was satirical and he exploited that to perfection in order to make one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. That's not to say that this movie doesn't have its moments, there's certainly quite a few moments that I legitimately laughed. The problem is that there's more moments here that the jokes just fall flat. The film is well-cast, they're easily the best part of the movie and they help elevate some of the script's weaker moments, like, for example, the elephant bukkake scene which, honestly, just kind of reeks of desperation. I don't really have anything else to say. This is exactly the type of movie you should expect from Sacha. Some of you will love it, some of you will hate it. I fell somewhere in the middle. Its flaws are obvious and the formulaic humor in these films are starting to weigh on me, but this is still a decent comedy. It's certainly better than the last few (live-action) movies Adam Sandler has put out. Sacha, in his sleep, could write a better movie than Sandler's goons ever could. The best joke in the entire movie, during the climax of the film, involves the current president of the United States. It was irreverent as shit and it was great. I'd recommend the movie just for that joke alone.