Bridegroom gives an intensely personal edge to the ongoing debate over the legal rights of same-sex couples. Interviews, photos and video footage all testify to the uncommon connection that drew together Shane and Tom. For six years they remained united despite extreme challenges from both family and society, until a tragic accident tears apart their dreams. Now one must fight to be recognized as his soulmate’s legitimate counterpart.

Shane Bitney Crone's plans to marry Tom Bridegroom in California after the same-sex marriage law is passed takes a tragic turn when his partner of six years accidentally dies and Tom's family refuses Shane from attending the funeral. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Augustine H (fr) wrote: Logan Lerman is great in playing troubled teenagers. The confrontation scene is incredible.

Ds W (ag) wrote: This appears to be an unpopular movie, but it kept me up way later than I'd intended last night. The characters make it difficult for you to agree with the actions they're taking, but there is disgusted as we are at times. It's a love that doesn't make sense, that threatens everything, that causes both parties to hate themselves as often as often as it gives them an escape from their primary loves and lives. I particularly liked how needed he was used to visually convey the increasing vulnerability of the male character. We see more of Emma early on, but we'll seceder crying early on. The fellow second-half shows just the opposite. Emma is more at ease with what they're doing, while the previously nonchalant novelist begins to unravel, and suddenly we're seeing a lot more of his cock. First time I've seen male genitalia used to convey a character's state of mind.

Juliano K (de) wrote: really nothing to say, as does the movie!

Monty M (jp) wrote: Such an awesome documentary

Alexandria D (ru) wrote: A total fell good, gem. Don't watch it if all you can do is scrutinize and biatch about every little thing - it will be totally wasted on you if that's the case.

Eric H (us) wrote: "Cellular" is a tense thriller leavened with plenty of wisecracks and oddball characters to lighten up the proceedings. The emphasis is on pressure and close calls, chases, narrow escapes and overcoming obstacles one after another.The movie is like a serial, except it's condensed into one continuous film. The movie is formulaic, but enough different to be reasonably entertaining for what it is, which is a superficial thriller. Don't expect character development or deep themes. These are not what go into this kind of movie. Do expect a roller coaster ride, if you can get yourself involved in the on screen proceedings.

Jens T (jp) wrote: George Orwells, who's probably most famous for his science fiction novel 1984, also wrote a children's novel, named Animal Farm, which is the story of how the farm animals rebels against the drunk and violent farmer. But after the revolution, a pig named Napoleon have great influence within the pig circle. Who also raise an army of shepherd dogs which he uses to execute a coup d'etat, and establish a far worse dictatorship than the farms previous owner.There is pretty obvious comparisons to the russian revolution and Joseph Stalin's terror regime. It show us practicably step by step the soviet history, all the terror, reforms, suppression and deprivation that Stalin regime stood for. So is this a propaganda film, or not? superficially it is, but it also give us the facts and the natural reaction to that. And not all the pigs are evil, there were even some who supported the other animals. Talking about the movie in general, it's very dark and sad, even more macabre than a Disney film, that is probably not suited for every ages. But why not use animals? We do test everything on them, so that means animals can represent people so children can understand politics. Thumbs up.

Lance E (es) wrote: it can be kind of predictable, and kind of cheesy, but it's certainly entertaining.

Luvunya O (ru) wrote: this one was great also very weird though.

James B (au) wrote: a very inspiration movie to me. because if my family was killed like that I'd do the same thing Jeremiah Johnson did

Anaideia E (ag) wrote: I like the book but the movie is really cool !

Ben G (fr) wrote: -Wow, t'es un vrai magicien.-Ouais, et je peux mme sortir un lapin de ton cul !Quand un action hero comme Steven Seagal et un rappeur comme DMX sont dans le mme film sa donne EXIT WOUNDS (ou de son joli titre francophone ''Blessures Fatales''). Une histoire invraisemblable et impossible de corruption policire sur fond de traffic de drogue avec au milieu Seagal en mode Dirty Harry. One liners et scnes d'action brutales sont au menu pour ce film d (C)licieux. Pour les amateurs du genre.

Ari S (gb) wrote: This film is fascinating close to a perfect film in my opinion. I love everything from the city the plethora of interesting characters and the music is simply magical. Owen Wilson was perfectly cast for this film his natural boyish curiosity with a touch of hopeless romantic paired with Adams and family's polar opposite realistic outlook makes for some interesting dialogue. This is one of those films that takes you on the journey and I was completely on board with 1920s Paris. I haven't watched a film and felt so lost in the fantasy and characters since I was a kid. A film that will endure through time for me.