Bridget Everett: Gynecological Wonder

Bridget Everett: Gynecological Wonder

A mix of cabaret and standup recorded at Joe's Pub in New York.

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Stevaisal G (es) wrote: One of the funniest movies about selfish, vulgar, horny 14-year-olds in quite some time.

Tabatha T (mx) wrote: Can't wait to see it

Thomas B (au) wrote: The film pulls a lot of its punches but it does what it does more than adequately. Full review later.

Nick B (br) wrote: A movie I've been wanting to see for so long but just never got around to it and it really wasn't to bad. I feel this could have been pretty great back in the 90s but it does feel kind of lame now. Some decent action and fun to be had and this is probably Van Damne's best performance I've seen.

Luke P (br) wrote: Great little horror, right up until the twist.

marj d (br) wrote: Still like Crocodile Dundee more than this, its not as funnier as his first

Andrew H (us) wrote: This is a good western but it has a few problems; the story has been done before even with a slight difference. However it is still a good story which is quite quick and just enough action scenes in it although the action scenes are short (except the final shootout). The possibility of a fantastic twist has been either edited out or not filmed at all. When the main villain is revealed as an ex Union soldier, all the audience has for that is John Wayne's dialogue and to let the audience see this character previously in the film is a missed opportunity. The dialogue itself has some great lines from all of the cast and there are some great manly/tough guy lines. As for the acting; the film is very well cast. John Wayne plays the gently, well intended and slightly humorous Cord McNally quite well. Then that dramatically changes half way through and he turns, again quite convincingly into a brutal gunfighter. Jorge Rivero gives a good performance as a French Mexican mainly because he is Mexican and he does manage to get an equal balance of French and Mexican with the accent. Jack Elam also stands out a very stubborn, crazy old man who gets some of the best dialogue in the film! Mike Henry is quite good as the corrupt sheriff of Rio Lobo even though he doesn't have that much dialogue his persona and presence on scene is enough to say 'villain'. Overall an entertaining western regardless of the story being done before. However the story is quite quick paced so it doesn't get boring. Opportunities to make the film and story much better have been missed. The acting is quite good with all actors playing their roles very well.

Brad R (it) wrote: An English teacher once introduced me to an important rule about doing anything in threes: open with your second strongest part, put your weakest in the middle, and always end on the best. For 1993's three-part anthology "Body Bags", veteran horror directors John Carpenter and Tobe Hooper seem to have forgotten this rule, opening on their strongest, devolving into silliness, and limping back to the average. The first Carpenter-directed segment titled "The Gas Station" is a terrifying tale of a serial killer stalking a gas station attendant (played by Alex Datcher); it's easily the strongest part of the film. It's followed by the well-acted, if somewhat absurd Carpenter-directed "Hair", starring Stacy Keach and David Warner. The final Hooper-directed segment titled "Eye", starring Mark Hamill and Twiggy, is an improvement from the second segment, if a little clich in story. John Carpenter also provides a wonderfully demented host as he introduces each segment and he's joined by an array of enjoyable celebrity cameos, including Hooper, Tom Arnold, Wes Craven, Sam Raimi, and Roger Corman, among others. Its flaws aside, "Body Bags" is an entertaining, if mixed bag anthology for the 1990s.

Charlie G (br) wrote: Marvel Comics at it's best.