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Brigada torrent reviews

Michel P (ag) wrote: 6,1/10 OMG this movie is so overrated and not realistic at all

mikey s (de) wrote: I thought I'd never hate a bruce Campbell movie....then I seen Alien's a made for t.v., movie that I picked up for $5 and sold for $2...I was sad to hate this movie and after I watched Alien Apocalypse I was bummed that it sucked so I watched army of darkness PASS on this one The reason I'm giving it 1 star is cause Bruce Campbell is in it

Here i stand alone in darknesss (mx) wrote: i seen this movies over a 100 times and more it teaches an says alot

Jim C (nl) wrote: I hated it, very stupid

Mike B (au) wrote: Decent film. Walken is great, as always. they couldn't decide on an ending, so they filmed three or four of them. Watch them all and pick your favorite.

Adam E (kr) wrote: couple in martial trouble get sucked into satans own tv channel by an evil corporate demon and have to survive 24 hours in a variety of horrific tv shows. Right away the film gets the boring stuff out of the way and sticks with the tv switiching angle which is loads of fun. the idea of satan using tv to grab souls is pretty awesome and adds an original spin on things as well as using the tv remote as a weapon (next seen in the adam sandler comedy click). Jeffrey jones is great as the main baddie and eugene levy pops up every now and again to throw a joke in or to. john and pam make a good couple and are entertaining throughout and the kids are.....well just there i guess! The real stars here are the tv show parodies there which are amazing and very funny. Hits like driving over miss daisy, dwaynes underworld, 3 men and rosemarys baby and exorcistcise are just works of comedy genius and loads of fun to watch. The plot moves very simlair to waxworks 2 in the sense that the couple jump from show to show so the action is fast paced throughout and its never tiresome even on the few moments when we go back to the normal world. Great stuff :D

Logan M (au) wrote: The best Coen brothers comedy the Coen brothers never made. "Ruthless People" is a laugh per minute crime caper.

Laura L (nl) wrote: "Love means never having to say you're sorry"? well, okay, but you can at least appologize for making this dumb, miserable, boring film

Chris S (ag) wrote: We all have the fear of being buried alive, and one of the characters here experiences that, eventually leading to her madness. The idea is horrible enough. It's another extraordinary and entertaining Val Lewton-produced film, probably greater than I Walked With a Zombie and The Leopard Man. The guy must have good taste for horror films. Boris Karloff as a stubborn general is at his best and campiest.

Eric J (nl) wrote: Awesome all-star cast, including Toshiro Mifune. Otherwise rather shopworn and done without the great special effects of other war movies. Too much time spent in war rooms and too little time spent actually fighting the battle.

Wissam R (fr) wrote: Very good horror movie in terms of casting and production. The story could have been tighter.

Kevin R (gb) wrote: Never stop looking for what's not there.Monty Wildhorn is an old western author that doesn't have much ambition towards writing or life in general. He agrees to dog sit over a summer on a small island where he'll be left alone so he can drink himself to death...or begin writing again. A woman in the process of getting a divorce lives down the street with her three daughters. The three daughters inspire the man and in return he inspires them."What's he yelling at?""Life."Rob Reiner, director of The Bucket List, A Few Good Men, North, Misery, Ghosts of Mississippi, Stand by Me, This is Spinal Tap, The Princess Bride, and When Harry Met Sally, delivers The Magic of Belle Isle. The storyline for this picture is actually very entertaining and contains wonderful characters and a well written script. The cast delivers awesome performances and includes Morgan Freeman, Virginia Madsen, Kenan Thompson, Fred Willard, Madeline Carroll, and Emma Fuhrmann."Sometimes I want to pull my pants down.""Join the club."I actually started watching this a couple years ago at my dad's house around Christmas and thought it looked interesting. This was definitely better than I anticipated and I found this a fun film to watch unfold. I found myself lost in the characters and the ultimate direction of the story. Overall, this is a very good movie about imagination and the beauty of youth. I strongly recommend seeing this movie and it is borderline worth adding to your DVD collection."I don't believe in last chances. I've had too many of them."Grade: B

Brendan R (it) wrote: Any sequel that goes straight to home video really should be skipped. Considering that this was designed to set up the television show, even more reason to be skipped. Keep to the first and don't bother with this one.

Al M (au) wrote: I'm not sure what this film was going for, but it failed on every level. The image above is way more compelling than anything in this supposed horror film, which is boring, badly made, and just plain lame.....