Americans Jeff and Tommy, hunting in Scotland, stumble upon a village - Brigadoon. They soon learn that the town appears once every 100 years in order to preserve its peace and special beauty. The citizens go to bed at night and when they wake up, it's 100 years later. Tommy falls in love with a beautiful young woman, Fiona, and is torn between staying or going back to his hectic life in New York.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:108 minutes
  • Release:1954
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dance,   dancer,   1700s,  

Two Americans on a hunting trip in Scotland become lost. They encounter a small village, not on the map, called Brigadoon, in which people harbor a mysterious secret, and behave as if they were still living two hundred years in the past. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew P (mx) wrote: "Rio Sex Comedy" is a title that's maybe about half true. There's certainly tons of Rio, as that's the city that the film is set in, but there's not a whole lot of sex and even less comedy. A more accurate title would be "Rio Drama," but that wouldn't sell, would it? Include "sex" and "comedy" in your title and you can guarantee some viewers, even if you don't market your film and barely scrape together a DVD release after your film did poorly at the festival circuit. So, we have Rio Sex Comedy, which is all of this. I'm not sure how many festivals it got to, but seeing as it has few reviews online, I can't think that number is very high. The DVD tells me that it made it to Toronto, which is something to be proud of, but I wonder how much of that audience laughed. I know I didn't, except for at one part that I can't even remember as of writing. I'd think about re-watching to find that one part, but then I'd have to sit through two hours of people walking around Rio de Janeiro, learning about a different culture, and showing no respect for anyone even remotely close to them emotionally. This is an ensemble film, with a few main stories that we follow. Since it arguably gets the most focus, let's start with the storyline involving a French woman, Irne (Irne Jacob), who is currently in Rio to interview a bunch of maids who are mistreated by their employers. She's filming a documentary of sorts, although that gets forgotten about after she begins having an affair with her husband's brother, Robert (Jrme Kircher). Seriously, the whole plot point involving the documentary is completely dropped to allow us more time to watch this bubbling romance. The translator, allowing the French woman to speak to the maids of Rio disappears in the middle of the film for no reason, as no more filming of this documentary takes place. Next, we have the U.S. Ambassador, William (Bill Pullman), who doesn't want to be an ambassador and therefore runs away and hides with a couple of people living in the local favela. It's here where he actually learns more about what the population needs, how the government is ignoring the poor, and so on, which might allow him to do his job if he actually wanted to do it. A couple of interesting characters in this plot include Fish (Fisher Stevens) and Iracema (Daniela Dams), who get their own subplot involving their love or lack thereof. Finally, we have a plastic surgeon named Charlotte (Charlotte Rampling) who has come to Rio in search of philanthropy but soon enough realizes that she'd rather work at a private office. Here, she does absolutely no surgery and basically convinces everyone that they're perfect the way they are. She's the "moral" character to our story; while everyone else is trying to change in order to be approved by everyone else, she's fighting to get everyone to stay the same. This is despite being the "best plastic surgeon" in the entire city, which makes me question her career of choice. I can kind of see where writer/director Jonathan Nossiter was going with this. In one story, abusive house owners are targeted. In the second, the government is. Finally, we have the superficial crowd who all want to look like celebrities. Okay, it all makes sense on that level, and I can appreciate that the film is quite clearly about something, but is there anything else to admire? From where I'm sitting, there isn't much. The problem is that none of the individual stories work on any other level than accusing their preferred target, and even then none of them do anything than point out things that we already know. Gee, the government shouldn't ignore problems with part of its population? That's a huge surprise, Rio Sex Comedy. Please, tell me more. None of these characters act like human beings; they instead act like impulsive parasites, doing whatever they want whenever they want just because they want to -- and it will benefit them and hurt someone else. It's possible that one or two of these stories would work if expanded to feature length. The affair storyline might be worth watching, and the Fish/Iracema one, which involves a white guy and a Native girl involved in a relationship, could be poignant. But mashed together with these other ones, and there's nothing here worth seeing. Any interesting idea isn't given enough time to develop, and as a result, there's nothing to take from the film except for the potshots that get taken that you're already aware of and therefore didn't need to see anyway. Since none of the individual stories works in the context that they're presented in, we're left watching dull plots play out that contain nothing even remotely close to genuine insight or emotional involvement. It's like if you were to follow random people around Rio for a few days. You might learn about their lives, but how much do you really expect someone to grow in that period, or make a point that's actually important? Not much, is my answer, and the film supports my conclusion. Rio Sex Comedy contains a lot of Rio, little sex, and one scene of comedy. There's little fun thanks to containing too many stories, and as a result, there's nobody to care about and nothing to take. The film wants to be about something, and if it had limited itself in scope, it might have been engaging and interesting. Unfortunately, it took the ensemble route, which means that none of the stories are impactful and the film is a waste of time for its audience.

Wade A (de) wrote: I never write reviews but this movie was so hard for me to rate... the music, cinematography, setting, actors, and attention to detail were all really great, and I appreciated that the movie avoids most cliches and conventions with narrative... but what the heck, it got way too unnecessarily repetitive and the plot just fell flat, it could've been 20-30 minutes shorter. Also maybe the meaning gets lost in translation but I think the title is dumb too. The trailer had me interested because it looked artsy and didn't look like some gay romance, and I'm glad that the movie didn't end up like that but by the end I was frustrated by all the nonsense and unsatisfied.

Samantha M (ca) wrote: okay this one wasn't so good, crappy fight scenes

Karl G (nl) wrote: Turn the TV over right now, watch the news or even the test card, it'll be more fun!

Augustine H (fr) wrote: While most people are discussing how brave Charlotte Rampling has been, is it actually Sarah's authentic experience, or a purely fictitious plot in her novel? Ludivine Sagnier is so hot here.

Anoop N (us) wrote: One Of my all time favourites

Allan C (fr) wrote: Director Richard Lester summed this film up nicely, calling it "A political film within which no one speaks about politics and a love story in which no one speaks about love." There are hints of Casablanca, with Sean Connery as a mercenary hired by the Batista Regime in 1959 to train soldiers. He then comes across old flame Brooke Adams, all the while the Cuba Revolution is fomenting. It's a film that wasn't received well at it's time by critics and also wasn't received well by either Castro or Batista supporters, which probably means they got it right. Besides Connery and Adams (who always seemed interchangeable to me with Karen Allen and Jessica Harper) is a strong cast that includes Jack Weston, Chris Sarandon, Hector Elizondo, Denholm Elliott, Martin Balsam and David Rappaport. Written by frequent Lester collaborator Charles Wood it's a smart script that avoids cliches and works quite well. It's not a prefect film, but in some ways it struck me as something of a flawed masterpiece.

Connor G (mx) wrote: Incredibly dense, and, as I've heard it described, anti-film in the way it's shot. Utterly displeasing and a labor to watch.

Forrest E (kr) wrote: Unevenly paced but beautifully filmed.

Mereie d (br) wrote: In some strange way, the story of Que la bte meure strikes one as a long-required dj vu experience: it??s the kind of movie you had always hoped to see, without realizing it had ever been made. The story is predictable, but very gripping. The vigilante motif fills the viewer with gleeful satisfaction. Like the protagonist, one feels happy to see one??s suspicions confirmed: the guilty party is indeed a beast and his intended death is only just. Chabrol skillfully builds up to the moment where the protagonist can have his moment of joy, underlining the fact one needs both cleverness and luck to reach one??s goal. Charles Tenier (Michel Duchaussoy) makes very intelligent deductions about the incident, he is an agile liar and schemer whenever the circumstances impel him to be, but he was also damn lucky to stumble upon a farmer with crucial info. Besides, his internal struggle is illustrated beautifully by the use of the voiceover. Suspenseful scenes get befitting accompaniment of thrilling music, the way decent filmmaking prescribes. I wasn??t sure what to think about the ending, though. True, it is psychologically justifiable, but somehow I had expected it to be more ingenious. In any case, Que la bte meure must be regarded as one of Chabrol??s masterpieces.

Louis B (jp) wrote: Amazing?? This is not a flop and do not listen to other critical reviews! ?? Trust me you will like it! ??

P H (nl) wrote: Probably the best American produced martial arts film. Every fight is different and fun, going from motel rooms, to garages, to construction sites. Awesome choreography. If you like environment fights ala Jackie Chan, you'll love this movie. Entire Motel Room/Garage Fight is worth owning this movie for.

Lauren G (jp) wrote: watched this movie on youtube and it sucks. of course, Michael c. hall and Gerard butler are good looking guys.

Keir B (de) wrote: disposable pseudo-emotional crap.