Bright Leaf

Bright Leaf

Two tobacco growers battle for control of the cigarette market.

In 1894, Brant Royle shocks the aristocratic tobacco growers of Kingsmont by planning to mass-produce cigarettes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (gb) wrote: Nice little art-house piece putting a gentle spin on the love triangle theme, but nothing inspiring.

Tracy K (jp) wrote: I really like this movie. Cloris is great. I'm not sure why it wasn't better received.

JeanChristophe L (br) wrote: A very good movie even if sometimes some parts of the movie seem to drag on. Through the story of a state theatre troup in a decade, we can see several aspects of the modernisation and reforms in China in the 80's: the privatisation, the one-child policy, the influence of western countries (fashion clothes, chinese pop music), the rising individualism,the arrival of electricity in the countryside, the exploitation of the coal miners, the fast-developing railway, the control of the conjugality by the police, the sexual education on TV and so on... Jia Zhang-Ke gives a critical look on what happened in China 25 years ago and a view of The Shanxi province.

Ketil T (au) wrote: Seen 21.12.88 and again 27.08.2011.

Rick R (fr) wrote: Seven Days in May (1964)A very interesting movie directed by John Frankenheimer about a plot to take-over of the US government. This movie is well-written by Rod Serling and has a great cast.President Jordan Lyman (Fredric March) isn't doing very good in the poles. His nuclear disarmament treaty with the Soviets right in the middle of the cold war isn't going over very well here at home, especially with General James Scott (Burt Lancaster) and many of the joint chiefs of staff. General Scott is also a popular presidential candidate, but he feels the importance of taking charge before the Soviets go to war with us.His colleague, Marine Colonel Martin 'Jiggs' Casey (Kirk Douglas) is finding out information that points to General Scott plotting a military take-over of the government. Despite his loyalty towards his general, he goes to the President to tell him of this possible plot.My favorite part in the movie is where President Lyman and General Scott argue over the importance of democracy versus the military imperative, and the need to let the people truly decide their fate.

Cory D (nl) wrote: Edward Arnold is fantastic, but the devil tends to steal the scene. Love the classic cinematography.

Trevor M (au) wrote: Tilda Swinton gives a masterful performance as a tormented mother slowly driven insane by her unmitigatedly evil son since his birth. This movie shifts seamlessly between the present and past through flashbacks and keeps you on your toes throughout.We Need to Talk About Kevin is cinematic birth control.