Bright Lights, Big City

Bright Lights, Big City

A young kid from Kansas moves to New York to work on a magazine. He gets caught up in the world of drink and drugs, and starts a steady decline. The only hope is the cousin of one of his drinking partners, can she pull him through it ?

A disillusioned young writer living in New York City turns to drugs and drinking to block out the memories of his dead mother and estranged wife. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nilufer R (it) wrote: I'm surprised to see that the critics didn't like this movie. I actually enjoyed it very much and it really moved me. And since I'm familiar with that particular war, I didn't need more information on it, as it was criticised.

ken j (ag) wrote: AKA Tommy Chong has got to be one of the best documentarys ive ever seen and just shows how insane and out of wack our government is and where there priorites are. This follows the court case of the government trying to get Tommy Chong and how it wasted 12 million dollars doing so all for making and selling glass pipes of all things half funny half serious you see Chong and his family take it all in stride and laugh along with them at how dumb this case really became up untill his 9 month sentence and his release really worth a watch for any Chong fan.

Ben F (ru) wrote: Lou Taylor Pucci is a talented, up and coming actor, but he doesn't have much to work with in the material. The story feels contrived; any attempt at edginess or humor is futile. I was really disappointed.

Simon D (jp) wrote: The first Columbian film I've seen and it's a cracker. You are drawn into the terrifying world of a drug mule and the dangers that come with it. I find such films a lot more gripping and exciting than your typical hollywood action films, it's a shame that not enough people see films like this. If they did, there would be more of them.

Justin S (it) wrote: For what it is, it is a very good movie. It kinda makes me sad to watch my musical heroes fall from grace as hard as they did, but reality is reality.

Grant S (fr) wrote: Good boxing movie. As the name suggests, a female boxing movie. Not exactly Million Dollar Baby, but it has good character development and grit. Maybe a bit formulaic though.Good performance from Michelle Rodriguez, in her first movie.

Esperana N (br) wrote: really good, passionated and romance, and strugle and a weird pianist

Petter S (de) wrote: Wonderfully weird and unpredictable.

Terri H (jp) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Stanley K (jp) wrote: Solid if unexceptional heist thriller. Strong acting all round but the film overall stays well within the conventions of the genre. Extended version: doesn't add much more or detract from the theatrical version.

Laura M (nl) wrote: The movie that brought Salma Hayek

Rohan G (au) wrote: This was quite poor actually. Dolph just didn't fit being an athlete. He is too big for a Pentathlete and the athletic scenes looked ordinary...

James G (nl) wrote: This is actually one of my favourite films of all time, yes the ending was very rushed, but overall a very good picture. I do reccommend it, ignore the negative reviews, you will enjoy it .

Adam M (jp) wrote: Great cast. Nice story. Funny. Sad. Friends being there for each other when they're really needed.

Jake M (it) wrote: So as a big fan of David O'Russell I've decided to re watch Silver Linings Playbook, and I'm going to be honest for a film thats on the romantic comedy side this film is not bad at all. Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are great in this film the two are good actors in general but with this film they do quite arguably one of their best performances ever. The film has a number of great cast members opposite Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper such as Robert de Niro, Julia Styles, Jackie Weaver, and Chris Tucker. If your looking for a comedy SIlver Linings Playbook is not for you to be honest I don't know why its listed as one on here, the film is more of a drama with the exception of some funny scenes but other than that the film is a drama about bipolar disorder. Silver Linings Playbook is an uplifting, feel good type of film that should not be missed by anyone.

Michael S (mx) wrote: File this one under the "grieving/vengeful father/husband" category of Nic Cage's easy paycheck period. This one, where he plays a father whose son is abducted by a demon, has the initial building blocks of a "jump in your seat" B-movie. But it takes forever to get the supernatural elements, and boy is it a slog to get there. Cage plays is so close to the vest that even he's boring. And a boring Nic Cage performance is a cardinal sin. While set in NYC, it was clearly (and distractingly) filmed in Toronto. The cherry on top of this dull affair is a during-credits shock scene that doesn't make a lick of sense.