A young man with magical powers journeys to his uncle to request help in fighting his sorcerer father.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:1987
  • Language:Bambara,Fulah
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:one word title,   fire,   magic,  

A young man with magical powers journeys to his uncle to request help in fighting his sorcerer father. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kin T (mx) wrote: One of the best HK movie I've seen this year. Recommended.

Daniel M (de) wrote: Not much of a movie. Virtually no plot whatsoever. The duel itself was pretty underwhelming too.The one and only thing that I will give cheers to is the non 3D animated graphics. Basically a little special done for the heavy fans of the game.

Mariana M (de) wrote: couldn't even stand the first 10 seconds!!! WORST MOVIE EVER!!! do not watch it!!!

Stephen R (kr) wrote: Not as interesting or ground-breaking as the original, but still a nicely-done, movie-length continuation of the anime series.

Cole W (ca) wrote: Like most of horror movie sequels, it's not as good as the first. But it's still a thrilling, enjoyable zombie movie that's better than most horror movie sequels.

Amanda H (us) wrote: The synopsis makes this sound a lot better than it is. In actuality, it blends in with every other movie of its type ever made, and is completely forgettable. If you just want something for background noise, this is fine. Otherwise, look elsewhere.

Cronis M (jp) wrote: Why? Bad music, bad acting, bad story, bad animation. Cheap.

Sebastian T (fr) wrote: The photography and cinematography is great, and Annette Bening and Aidan Quinn are convincing, but that's all this movie has going for it, and it's a shame because the director has made some other really good movies, such as The Crying Game. They never explain how the (hokey and super corny) villain, played by RDJ, are connected to eachother in dreams. A major plot hole that more or less ruins the movie, as well as the silly and ridiculous lines given to RDJ's character at the climax of the movie.

Frdric B (us) wrote: Nul (ou presque). Rien a ajouter.

Timm S (nl) wrote: Buckwheat Is My Favourite Character On This & It Is Just So Short..It Sucks. But It Is So So Funny. The Four Stars Are For That Alone!!! Otay!

Jonny P (ca) wrote: "Last Action Hero" is an interesting play (and partial spoof) on the stereotypical action film. It stars Arnold Schwarzenegger alongside a young movie fan who is transported into an action film to help him bust the bad guys. It is full of great movie references including "Amadeus," E.T." a black-and-white Humphrey Bogart, and even "Terminator 2"! While the film isn't anything amazing, it is worth watching for the movie jokes and is a must for movie buffs. Seriously, the whole Salieri thing is hysterical. In a sense, it becomes the ultimate action film because they purposefully filled it with every sort of shootout and chase scene imaginable. Even though it is tongue-in-cheek, the action is still awesome. Things go a bit south toward the end. When you're using a gimmick, 2+ hours becomes way too long and they just couldn't keep it fresh. "Last Action Hero" probably won't appear on most people's list of favorite action films (including mine), but it's definitely worth watching for the action sequences, movie references, and unique concept.

Timm S (us) wrote: A Little Bit Too Much Country (Bar Fights, Lame One Liner Conversations, Damsel Women) & Not Enough Story. All Builds Up To This 'Fight' To Pay The Bills. The Orangutan Seems So Out Of Place, I Ask Myself Why?? Poor Thing...Apparently This Is What Counts For Comedy. Animal Cruetly More Like It. But I Guess The 80's Had Celebrities Owning Wild Animals (Anton Levay, Michael Jackson, Paris Hilton, Tippi Hedren, Vanilla Ice, Mike Tyson) As A Thing You Do...Thankful We Have Learned The Natural Habitat Of These Animals Belongs Outside Of Cities.