Brighton Rock

Brighton Rock

Centring on the activities of a gang of assorted criminals and, in particular, their leader – a vicious young hoodlum known as "Pinkie" – the film's main thematic concern is the criminal underbelly evident in inter-war Brighton.

Pinkie Brown is a small-town hoodlum whose gang runs a protection racket based at Brighton race course. When Pinkie orders the murder of a rival, Fred, the police believe it to be suicide. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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rick r (ru) wrote: Paul J. Porter's "Rabid Love" is a retro-charged love affair with classic 80's horror that does so much more than the term "throwback" could justify. The film stars Hayley Derryberry, Jessica Sonneborn, Brandon Stacy, Josh Hammond, Hannah Landberg and Brian Reece in a story that combines psychological/grindhouse atmosphere with traditional thriller/melodrama. Five friends decide to spend a weekend at a family cabin in the woods for some hunting typical comradery that turns into a retreat into Hell. The story in "Rabid Love" hits on familiar themes, but the combined elements with the major plot creates a truly original nightmare. The beginning of the film was a little bit of a sleeper. It did feel as if the first 40 minutes lasted forever before something major happening in the storyline. It didn't seem really boring but I found myself becoming more aware that no real scares or bloody scenes had taken place yet. The first of half of the story really allows for a more emotional connection and character build for the horror to come. What makes it worth the wait it the stellar attention to retro aesthetics and one kick ass soundtrack. It plays out like a classic rock opera. Now the second and third acts in "Rabid Love" really amp up the action and intensity, creating a creepy almost grindhouse melancholy that is both compelling and chilling. All this rises to a fevered pitch of terrifying circumstances as the story arcs finally where the film becomes one really intense fight for survival that hits on vintage thrills of both grindhouse and psychological horror films of the late 70's and early 80's. "Rabid Love" is really a well planned and executed tribute to the heydays of classic b-movie and survival horrors. The characters are convincing, and drawn out enough to connect with without being over exaggerated. The soundtrack is truly a epic play and sets the nostalgic and entertaining tone to the film. The actually horror and bloody elements are restrained and a bit under-glorified but the effects are well done. Paul J. Porter really does show a true talent and deep love with classic horror, and the almost romantic embrace that 80's directors held for the genre. That aspect often gets left out of modern horror which tends to go for the guts and gory. I really enjoyed this film once it kicked in, and with the attention to period aesthetic- a solid story "Rabid Love" is well worth any horror fan's attention.

Bill H (de) wrote: Worst film I've seen in 20 years.

Laure E (it) wrote: Un bon film italien avec beaucoup d' (C)motion et de tendresse.

Gabriel C (br) wrote: Cheaply animated and unbearably unfunny, Alpha and Omega is also predictable and instantly forgettable.

Rob D (es) wrote: great movie but it feels a little to long

Jamie I (au) wrote: M. Night Shyamalan fought for this movie. Originally it was supposed to be backed by Disney. They said it was too scary and he needed to change it. He didn't and they backed out. It's funny Disney thought a barely visible grass wolf was too scary but walking skeletons are okay? Anyway, where was Shyamalan's signature twist of an ending? Maybe he started to lose it with the all too predictable Village. I can't say if I liked this or not. I can't say if I would recommend it. What I can say is I will be buying the book and reading it to my own children someday.

Jeff H (mx) wrote: If you see any three headed dog movie its this

kassidy w (au) wrote: kinda dumb, but its one of my faves for when i'm in a goofy mood!

Prabhat R (it) wrote: Not a bad movie at all. I didn't expect much from it. Somewhere, at the back of my mind, I thought it would be one of those utterly gross-out and mindless flicks, riddled with demeaning slurs, and cheap and lurid tricks against the woman kind. But I was pleasantly surprised by the thoughtfulness the director had invested in this movie. It's a simple story of a boy trying to find the girl he had a sexual encounter with in an elevator during a power outage. The mystery of that girl is what drives the whole movie forward, allowing the lead character and us the viewers, to reflect on the contrasting natures of the two kind, albeit in tender and intellectual ways. It's very uncanny for a movie of this kind to have such reverence for the opposite sex and to have its male lead pack in so much of empathy and compassion for women. It was enlightening at times but never heavy-handed. Yes, there were bits to satisfy the naughty in you, but nothing went overboard and it was all done in good taste. All in all, a movie that you can even watch with your other half, without worrying about how she'd take the unhealthy bits most of these movies spew out, because, simply put, that's not in this movie. It's just a sweet, sometimes meandering, but ultimately, an honest effort in telling a simple story without the usual pitfalls of gross-out humour one devises by targeting the gentler kind.

Morten A (it) wrote: Brilliant and maybe forgotten drama/thriller with David Duchovny. Proves that he actually has a lot of talent, even beyond Fox/Mulder.

Frederic H (kr) wrote: Not the best of the series but still quite entertaining. I always liked movies that mix languages from different countries.

Sunil J (fr) wrote: Pretty clever. Jeff Goldblum and Emma Thompson have great chemistry.

Dave J (es) wrote: Monday, March 21, 2011 (1975) Race With The Devil THRILLER/ ACTION Movie stars Peter Fonda and Warren Oates as while going on a vacation with their wives riding a RV, witnessing a satanic killing and then being chased by them while on a highway! Theirs some nifty car crashes showcasing vehicles blowing up on site even before touching the ground when going off a bridge! Quite bad and unrealistic turning the main leads into complete idiots! 2 out of 4

Yariv A (ru) wrote: Cliched and melancholic

Greg W (nl) wrote: good paranoid thriller

Manu G (jp) wrote: One Chance, One Secret, One Mistake.Good FIlm! I love Sam Rockwell. He picks great projects and this no exception. This is not a fast paced feature but I story I really enjoyed. Maintained a great tension and foreboding throughout which I really enjoy in a film. This is a simple story with some great twists and turns. Starts out slow like a slow burn and then ramps up quickly. This story is believable and has no real holes in it. It's a story you can relate to in that it seems very plausible and believable. You feel the characters fear and tension with the situation he finds himself in. This is a slow paced thriller that is well filmed and the performances are excellent. The tragic death of a beautiful young girl starts a tense and atmospheric game of cat and mouse between hunter John Moon and the hardened backwater criminals out for his blood.

Chad S (nl) wrote: One of my favorite movies