A U.S. Marshal goes undercover to stop a cattle smuggling gang, but when his cover is blown, the hunter becomes the hunted.

A U.S. Marshal goes undercover to stop a cattle smuggling gang, but when his cover is blown, the hunter becomes the hunted. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Brimstone torrent reviews

Juan R (gb) wrote: Lovely film with many experimental stuff (specially in the score) and an emotive plot. J'ai bien aime.

Alex T (es) wrote: What a lovely coming of age stor. And John Cleese is a joy to watch in any role. However, there were a few things that felt 'thrown in' just for the hell of it, like people dying, couples breaking up etc. etc. I felt bombarded by messages. I'm sure any 8th grade class could come up with 30 different morals they can learn from this movie. Overall a joyful experience. I just wish it was all tied in somehow with a point besides that life goes on when stuff happens.

Caleb M (ru) wrote: Amir Bar-Lev is one luck SOB. What a fascinating subject to exclusively capture on video! My Kid Could Paint That simultaneously explores modern art, truth in fiction, a family, the media, documentary filmmaking and one little girl who likes to paint. It is fascinating and rewarding.

John Eric D (kr) wrote: One of those bad-ass thrillers that I can't really forget. Cult mindf*ckery at its best. Sick and twisted and I love it. Worth watch for thriller / horror fanatics.

Michael T (fr) wrote: Surreal Psychological Horror.Visually Beautiful.Perfectly Acted.Typically Tsukamoto.

Shane H (ag) wrote: Cant stand dane as a comedian, but he is surprisingly tolerable as an actor.

Tyler P (mx) wrote: Nul mais a se regarde du coin de l'oeil....

Don C (ca) wrote: one of my top 5 favorites

Lee M (de) wrote: Seems to think that shock value equates with.hipness. It doesn't, and this gangster movie tries to hard to be funny.

Steve O (ru) wrote: about gratuitous gore and torture. This movie was one of worst, if not worst, I've ever seen. Stay away from this garbage.

Jordan B (jp) wrote: best movie i've seen in my life!!!!!! very moving and sarah polley at her best need i say more??

Private U (br) wrote: This movie is a hard one to watch especially because of the very violent beginning, but if you go through that you find a story within the story that is deep of significance, beautiful on a cinematographic level, interesting as historic view, and much more. Watch it and you'll see what I mean.

Virgnia P (ca) wrote: This is not rated PG and it's not for children. It's somewhere between PG-13 and R.

Martin W (au) wrote: J.J.Hunsecker (Burt Lancaster) is a ruthless Manhattan columnist feeding off various press agents tid bits, especially from the insidious Sydney Falco (Tony Curtis) The dialogue is sizzlingly snappy and the direction demands your absolute attention. Some younger than me won't be impressed and will find it dated (1957)