Krish (NTR) is the son of a billionaire businessman (mukesh Rishi). He has a girl friend Indu (samantha). Her friend Bhoomi (kajal) wants to pursue her higher studies and lands in trouble when her father (Prakash Raj) wants to marry her to his nephew (Ajay). Her grandfather (Kota Srinivasa Rao) convinces her dad, saying that she already likes someone in the city so her dad asks her to bring her lover home. Indu asks Krish to go as Bhoomi's Lover. Meanwhile, Bhoomi's uncle (Srihari), and her father (Prakash) live apart in two adjacent villages. The two families are feuding with each other. Krish is hated by Bhoomi's entire family and he has to overcome many things in his attempt to get everyone to love him.

Krish (NTR) is the son of a billionaire businessman (mukesh Rishi). He has a girl friend Indu (samantha). Her friend Bhoomi (kajal) wants to pursue her higher studies and lands in trouble ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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