Bringing Ashley Home

Bringing Ashley Home

When her wild younger sister Ashley, who suffers from bipolar disorder and drug addiction, goes missing, Libba Phillips pours all her time and energy into finding Ashley and bringing her home. As the years go by, Libba refuses to give up hope, and, at the expense of her marriage and career, Libba finds her calling in life: creating a much-needed resource center for other families whose missing loved ones have fallen through the cracks.

When her wild younger sister Ashley, who suffers from bipolar disorder and drug addiction, goes missing, Libba Phillips pours all her time and energy into finding Ashley and bringing her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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matheus c (ru) wrote: A meticulous documentary to promote Katy Perry, however that doesn't make it less enjoyable.

Justin T (es) wrote: Better in concept than execution. The documentary parts were more compelling to me than were the reenactments of the acts that happened in real life, which I felt were cheesy, funnier than they were disturbing.

Jason S (mx) wrote: Parody of the buddy comedy action flick. Some juvenile humor but it's got some clever too. Franco and Rogen are always fun to watch

Brett E (ca) wrote: Some funny moments in the beginning, I'm not going to lie. But a LOT of this movie was simply mean-spirited and unfunny. It couldn't hold as an entire 90 minute movie.

Gordon C (gb) wrote: it's like a poem, channeling philosophical thoughts. It's cinema, but it's more than cinema. See it, struck by it, appreciate it, love it, cry for it.

Lewis W (us) wrote: 40%----------3.0 - Tommy Davidson2.0 - Jim Carrey2.0 - Bruce Spence2.0 - Sophie Okonedo2.0 - Bob Gunton2.0 - Ian McNeice2.0 - Maynard Eziashi2.0 - Simon Callow

Chris H (ca) wrote: There's nothing to remember. If your not 9 you might not like this movie

Anthony C (fr) wrote: What Freedom Writers should have been. A fun punk themed dystopian schoool movie. look for micheal j fox in an earily role. Rockin theme by ALice cooper to

Brendan O (ru) wrote: After 10-15 minutes of ripping off Romero and Fulci, Mattei goes off and does his only thing. How to sums up this movie; stock footage from a New Guinea documentary, psychotic characters, sadistic zombies and some of the most miscast dubbing on film. Even those this was trashy and franky stupid, worse zombies flicks had been made.

Paul C (es) wrote: Really good western with Mitchum on top bad-ass form again, this town as a 'town-tamer', a hired gun who cleans up towns of their problem elements by any means necessary. Littel seen, and underated, this is by no means a run-of-the-mill western with some great set-pieces and scripting.

Countess N (nl) wrote: Dragonwyck is a tame thriller that drags on way too long. In parts it is like Rebecca and Jane Eyre.

Heather S (au) wrote: Good movie, Imean it has James Stewart in it ...why wouldn't it be good? They needed to learn about ending a movie properly though

Phil H (mx) wrote: This was the first feature length Python movie, an anthology movie that was made up of well known sketches that the crew had done on their TV show, Monty Python's Flying Circus (the first two series). Apparently the main goal of this movie was to break the boys into America, introduce the States to their cult British humour. The film is made up of a variety of famous sketches that had previously been seen on TV but re-shot without an audience and, apparently, with a lower budget. Knowing this actually surprised me because I've always thought this film (and the sketches) looked pretty glossy in a way, the smooth transitions, the more cinematic approach and in some aspects bigger better locations. I don't recall the original series too much as I haven't seen it since I was a kid but I always thought the series looked way more shabby than this.Its actually amazing to read that some sketches or effects couldn't be recreated for this film because the budget was so low! This makes me wanna go back and watch the TV show to see the differences. Anyway, despite those revelations I've always liked this compilation of classic Python material and seen it as (almost) the definitive versions of the sketches, although that's probably because I grew up with this movie rather than the TV show (will somebody please fondle my buttocks!).Watching this today as an adult many things have obviously changed, firstly, I actually understand all the gags now, all the little cheeky lines and quips are loud and clear. Its amusing to watch and remember back in the day when I didn't understand certain scenes or dialog. They totally flew over my head and I only enjoyed them mainly because I knew it was silly and because my dad was laughing. Its also quite shocking and hilarious at how offensive this movie actually is in places, its things like this that, back in the day, were virtually normal, maybe slightly taboo, but generally accepted in comedy. Watching now and its incredible! obviously you'd never get away with it. I'm pretty sure the camp soldiers on drill would be lambasted these days, also certain lines are clearly racist...'did you see who moved in next door?', 'oh yes, black as the ace of spades', 'Oh well, there goes the neighbourhood', blimey!Its also funny to mention as early sketch which starts out with the narration...'In 1970 the British Empire lay in ruins, foreign nationals frequented the streets, many of them Hungarians'. Now is it me or, apart from the fact its Hungarians, the date of course and the sarcasm, this silly statement has actually come true! just replace Hungarians with Polish, Romanian and Bulgarian. Anyway, aside from the awkward, yet admittedly funny, offensive bits, there are of course all the main humdingers that we all know and love. The all time classic dead Parrot sketch with Cleese and Palin, 'nudge nudge, wink wink' with Idle and Jones, the lumberjack song with Palin, how to defend yourself against a man armed with a banana etc...Next to that you of course have the slightly longer skits that form small stories and offered a glimpse into the brilliant future of Python movies that had yet to be made. I actually preferred these at times as they felt more complete, obviously, like tiny comic strips with little tiny story arcs. In this movie the best of which are easily the 'Upper Class Twit of the Year' competition and the 'killer joke', which I reckon could of been made into an entire movie.But wait! who could forget about those off the wall and quite often gruesome little animations from Gilliam. These were a real highlight for Monty Python, I especially liked them as a kid for obvious reasons. The whole concept just added a completely new layer to the proceedings, the teams surreal comedy could be expanded and more risky with the use of adult cartoons, they looked cheap and tacky, but at the same time so very well created. The almost shabby, bare bones, crude methods used for these little animated moments feel very much like a precursor to [i]South park[/i] if you ask me, it definitely seems that way, but the fact that some of the cartoon animations (and the style) have become just as big as the live action sketches goes to prove how fantastic they were. Everybody knows a Monty Python cartoon image when they see one. All in all, even though this film could be looked upon as not entirely classic Python seeing as they remade everything from the original series for the cinema, and to some people that might cheapen or water down their act, the film has managed a cult following. Although, I must say, with all the various incarnations of their famous sketches, they can start to feel tiresome on occasion, I have often found one specific version of a sketch to be the best with many others missing a beat. Anyway being the first Python movie this naturally holds a special place in most fans hearts and its still an excellent spicy little ride. Application forms for lion tamer are available to all those with the proper qualifications only, thank you.

Scott M (de) wrote: A very well done film, with outstanding performances.

Jim A (ca) wrote: This is probably the best Resident Evil movie ever made. The animation is really good for a direct to video production spinoff of a video game and the writing is mostly very solid and the story actually kind of smart at times. That said its strictly for fans of the games as those who have never played any will likely be lost and it does have the feel of a video game cutscene with no gameplay. Still it serves its audience well enough even if its too narrowly focused

Tyler R (nl) wrote: Very enjoyable horror movie. Had a slow buildup but it got very intense near the end. Loved the actors and the characters. Wasn't gory or violent but very suspenseful as well as creepy.