Bringing It Home

Bringing It Home

Hemp - it's not just for hippies anymore. Today they're making everything from salad dressings to buildings with it. Despite the inevitable jokes when hemp is mentioned, industrial hemp is ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:52 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Hemp - it's not just for hippies anymore. Today they're making everything from salad dressings to buildings with it. Despite the inevitable jokes when hemp is mentioned, industrial hemp is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bringing It Home torrent reviews

Deanvi W (it) wrote: almost perfect! mario <3

Giovanni M (ru) wrote: che film pessimo oh...

Brian S (es) wrote: Not such a bad movie than people and critics have said it is. The acting is good, and, the film offers plenty of zombie bloodshed. The northern atmosphere of this film and the sympathetic characters works well in it's favor and one good reason to see this movie is that it's directed by the king of zombie movies, George A. Romero. Recommended !!

Victoria M (mx) wrote: Amy is so adorable. So is Emily. But. They go up and down and then nothing happens. Just life.

Nicolas S (de) wrote: I am no expert on Asperger's, but this is a very well done movie. This movie isn't about mozart or a whale but rather 2 people who happen to have Asperger's. Acting was great from the two lead roles, in particular from Donald played by Josh Hartnett. My only complaint was how it was slightly choppy at times, where time passed and we kinda had to figure that out. Well worth your time. 87 of 100.

Brendan S (ca) wrote: good movie that shows the real nature of humanity in the sixties.

eljko R (au) wrote: Its great. Mariah is simply ok.

Bruno V (ca) wrote: Second time seeing this exiting movie , glad i bought Taken 1,2 and 3 ...SOMDVD

Mike C (ru) wrote: Remembered enjoying this growing up so rewatched it recently. Was shocked to see I had not even rated it. It holds up as a comedy, and maybe even a clever comedy.Not really a fan of Keaton but I have to admit he's impressive in this movie. He can't find enough time in the day and resorts to cloning himself. The clones end up doing the same thing. Each clone has a unique personality, and each generation gets a lot dumber. Keaton actually did quite well to master the different personalities. A fun and original flick.

Kyle G (gb) wrote: Just kinda too much parody oversetting the Horror (?) of the film. Jason X barely pulled it off...barely.

Justin G (jp) wrote: Flinchingly wide open, Pryor held nothing back. Brilliant!

Chili D (ru) wrote: Aykroyd and Chase make a great pair. Although the script doesn't quite exploit their full abilities it's still a very funny and entertaining film.

Kevin D (gb) wrote: Daddy's Little Girl is about revenge, but focuses mainly on gore.To be honest, I wasn't expecting very much, and I saw several reviews that praised this film as being very thought provoking. It wasn't. The plot is exceptionally predictable, and it doesn't really bring anything new to the revenge tale. No twists in the plot, and a few rather 'recycled' cinema moments. Think of a very badly acted 'Mystic River' with torture scenes.The main character of the father however, is one of the worst elements in the film. Unfortunately he seems more annoyed than enraged throughout the movie. I assume he understood before starting his acting career that he would have to learn how to emote, but I was underwhelmed with how the father reacted to the death of a child, he subsequent depression, and revenge.A man who is capable of torturing another man, who can extend that level of pain and violence on another human being, couldn't possibly do so without some level of empathy or emotions. Most people would be repulsed by the sight of blood and viscera, but neither does he relish in it. He just does it and acts overtly angry. He even tries out some "ironic" torture techniques... har har i suppose.Maybe it was his tone of voice, but honestly... he was the worst. Especially considering who the murderer was (I won't ruin it, but you can guess who it is within the first 20 minutes of the film) Anyways, this movie didn't show anything I hadn't seen before. As far as the torture stuff goes; it's there to enjoy if that's your thing.An interesting horror from studio Slaughter FX, but not well acted. 2/5

Brandon W (au) wrote: Scarface is directed by Brian De Palma, written by Oliver Stone, and it stars Al Pacino in a crime film about a Cuban refugee that comes to America, and worked very hard to become a very rich man. I've never seen this movie before in my life, despite the fact that I got a 3D poster of Scarface in my room, and I had it in my DirecTV list for a few years. So when I wanted to delete something, I figure I'll just go at the bottom at the list, and watch this, which turns out to be an insane film. Al Pacino gives a maniacal performance that you can't help but love that kind of acting, especially when it's from Pacino himself. I thought that at first, Scarface was going to be like The Godfather since it's a crime film, and of course it has Al Pacino in it, but it actually didn't felt like it at all as the characters are more insane in this than The Godfather, and the plot gives in more towards the extremes of it while the other is more of a calming and professional way. The direction by Brian De Palma is very kinetic that keeps it on feet, and the writing by Oliver Stone is very well-written that I'm surprised that this is from the same guy who did Platoon, JFK, and Wall Street. The characters are very memorable, especially from Tony Montana who you just love to hate, and when it gets to the end, I just ended up feeling sorry for him for being so pathetic in this. Despite the fact that it's 170 minutes long, it manages to be very interesting, although there were some slow patches on the way there. It's interesting to see Michelle Pfeiffer in one of her first roles, and even back then she was really good in it and make more than that type of character that she plays it to be. Scarface is a really great that I can see why it's considered to be one of the best crimes ever made.