Bringing Out the Dead

Bringing Out the Dead

48 hours in the life of a burnt-out paramedic. Once called Father Frank for his efforts to rescue lives, Frank sees the ghosts of those he failed to save around every turn. He has tried everything he can to get fired, calling in sick, delaying taking calls where he might have to face one more victim he couldn't help, yet cannot quit the job on his own.

Haunted by the patients he failed to save, an extremely burned-out Manhattan ambulance paramedic fights to maintain his sanity over three fraught and turbulent nights. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bringing Out the Dead torrent reviews

John A (nl) wrote: This movie is a must have for any movie collection. It is a very funny thriller that will keep you laughing.

Mark G (mx) wrote: Well, this wasn't the easiest movie to review although that's partially my fault as the version I watched was in Japanese with no subtitles. I am not exactly fluent in Japanese so there's a fair bit of guesswork going on here regarding the plot. And the character names. Still, here goes... A girl is taking the train home after an unsucessful career as a pop idol. She disembarks at a station where the employees all resemble typical British Rail is a hunchbacked Quasimodo type, the other appears to have a conjoined twin. As The Girl leaves the station and walks off down the road she encounters either her mother or grandmother. Unfortunately for Female Family Member she get knocked down by a car full of Morons. Morons realise that Female Family Member is still alive and drive off, knocking over a shrine dedicated to Kappa and sending it hurtling into the sea. As a side note for those who don't know, a Kappa is a water spirit or Yokai. Anyway...Female Family Member dies in the arms of The Girl and the Kappa statue comes to life. Morons have stopped driving, although in their case driving involved waving bottles of alcohol (presumably) around, gurning in the rear view mirror and shouting. "Whoo hooo. Yeeaaah." Oh, and accidentaly running over Female Family Member of course. As they are relaxing they get attacked and we are introduced to Taser Guys. The Girl and her brothers(?) spot Kappa who likes the sounds of J-pop and is dancing in the garden. In fact, lets all stop and play and dance with Kappa. Hooray, what fun! Taser Guys try to capture Kappa but he gets away, so they instead kidnap The Girl. Taser Guys are working for an organisation that seems to be turning ordinary folk into fish people. Boo. Hiss. Kappa to the rescue! Yeah. Kappa's got some moves. One big explosion later and the movie is in full-on Kaiju territory as a giant monster starts stomping around, breathing fire and generally being a nuisance thanks to not being harmed by bullets or rockets. Who will save us? Kappa, that's who. That's right, now Kappa is giant size and it's time for a monster brawl. This is a fun, entertaining little movie that, even though I had no real idea of the plot, still managed to entertain me and make me laugh. It also manages to poke fun at and yet also embrace the whole kaiju genre. Intentionally low budget, a stand-out moment had to be a close up of a news reporter getting wreathed in flame, before cutting to a wide shot of an action figure on fire. If you get excited by the names Godzilla, Gamera or Ultraman then this is one you should look out for.

Lisa W (de) wrote: Rodd have it 5. I'd say 4. Cute.

Zach S (gb) wrote: Some of it can be funny, but to me, he drags the jokes out too long.

Haider S (de) wrote: The songs were awesome music was also good and also an awesome movie

Nate T (nl) wrote: Over-all good film. Main complaint: Costner has a better accent then Kennedy in this one. The actor who plays Kennedy does the accent one line of every scene - which doesn't make for a convincing performance.

Jesse F (es) wrote: Warwick Davis' performances in these films is what makes them whole and fun to watch. This one is just that with great make-up effects as the "Leprechaun" looks better here than in any other film in the franchise.

Linus M (ru) wrote: The chemistry between the three main characters carries the movie, with plenty of slapstick moments throughout. Great cinematography as well.

Lis A (au) wrote: an adorable and timeless dog-gone classic.

Hannah D (de) wrote: Not completely horrible but there were too many plots going on. I feel like the grandma plot was less than half the movie but more than a subplot, the rest was about his job and then random obligatory stoner scenes tacked on. I did think the game designer arguing with his own robot voice was funny and Linda Cardellini actually developed a full character out of one that could have easily been just a stock love interest.

Karl J (it) wrote: This is the worst movie that I've seen since Lost in Translation! How can anyone label this a comedy? There is NOTHING funny about this movie. We never laughed once. There is nothing even remotely humorous about this movie. Its about two stupid people who move in next to a party / crack house in Australia. It's like watching paint dry. You end up not caring about the paint or the wall surface, you just want it to be over. One thinks that maybe the end will bring some closure or resolution to the show but it's as lame and characteristically unfunny as the rest of the film.

Dave L (nl) wrote: Perfect... Just perfect.