Bringing Up Baby

Bringing Up Baby

David Huxley is waiting to get a bone he needs for his museum collection. Through a series of strange circumstances, he meets Susan Vance, and the duo have a series of misadventures which include a leopard called Baby.

Bringing Up Baby tells the story of a paleontologist in a number of predicaments involving a scatterbrained woman and a leopard named Baby. David Huxley is the stuffy paleontologist who needs to finish an exhibit on dinosaurs and thus land a 1 million dollar grant for his museum. At a golf outing with his potential benefactors, Huxley is spotted by Susan Vance who decides that she must have the reserved scientist at all costs. She uses her pet leopard, Baby, to trick him into driving to her Connecticut home, where a dog wanders into Huxley';;;s room and steals the vital last bone that he needs to complete his project. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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