Bringing Up Bobby

Bringing Up Bobby

Bobby Wyler is a confused fifteen year old trying to figure out who he is and what he believes before life gets complicated...

Orphaned siblings gather for the reading of their late parents' will, but the real question is whether or not 15-year-old Bobby can accept Jesus and find himself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Min K (fr) wrote: A must-see documentary for every musical theater geek. Even if you don't like "A Chorus Line," this documentary really brings its audience into the Broadway auditioning process. Paralleling Michael Bennett's creative concept with the auditions of the new revival, "Every Little Step" is easy to watch and follow. My only complaint is that I didn't feel like the threads of individuals to follow were made clear enough, so the character arcs (albeit, these are real people) either didn't start off strong enough to spark my interest, or they did not resolve strongly enough to help me feel settled. Of course, this probably comes from not knowing who is going to be cast in the first place. Regardless, if you love musical theater, watch this documentary, if only to find yourself bawling at Jason Tam's impeccably moving version of "Paul's monologue."

Sten K (mx) wrote: Typical b-movie - not good, not bad, just standard and the best thing in it was vamps with Kalashnikov guns.

Jamin M (de) wrote: As Nostalgia Critic said, Kung Fu Panda has to be the dumbest sounding title ever. But don't let that fool you, because this film is wonderful. It's well written and funny, as you'd expect from a comedy. The characters are very lovable, especially the Kung Fu Panda himself, Po. I really enjoy how determined he is. Even if Master Shifu is trying to get him to quit, he'll still keep trying. The animation is also wonderful, as it should be. The voice acting is great. Like How To Train Your Dragon, it features many well known actors, and they do great. The comedy and action is also very entertaining. I love that the film takes advantage of the fact that it's an animated comedy and gives us some great and sometimes funny action sequences. What's also great about it is than even though it's essentially a comedy, it mixes in drama pretty well. I really like the musical score. too. The only problem I have with the film is the villain. Don't get me wrong, Tai Lung is a very entertaining villain, but with him being a snow leopard and all and his menacing voice, he could've had a better plan than just wanting a dragon scroll. So, he kinda feels weak. But other than that, Kung Fu Panda is among DreamWorks' finest projects. It's funny with characters that you really care about. It's action packed, fun, and just all around wonderful

Luca Maria M (de) wrote: So so, 2.5 on 5 because there were things i liked and things i didn't like. The first part of the movie was a bit boring and full of clichs, but i enjoyed the last part of the movie. Some CGI scenes were pretty cool and well done, but in some others the CGI was too evident and everything looked fake. Some action scenes were funny but some other were simply absurd. Will Smith's character has some interesting sides, but he seems the average "one cop against the world" of many other movies. The plot had interesting twists but it's all based on a big plot hole that makes everything unbeliavable (i don't want to spoiler it, but at the end of the movie, when the whole plot was revealed, i thought that it made no sense, since there were hundreds of simpler ways to achieve the same result).

Raj V (ag) wrote: A western set in Glasgow. Awesome.

Jack P (kr) wrote: not a bad film quite interesting and gripping found this film to express the lower end of the community and the struggle to make life right

Tracy F (ru) wrote: I had never seen this movie after all these years. Now I know why.

Scott R (ag) wrote: One of my favourite documentaries.

Andrew K (br) wrote: Stylish yet crazy, boring, yet sporadically endearing.Visually impressive while horridly penned, Dust Devil is a mixed bag that unfortunately doesn't work as often as you'd hope.

Millo T (br) wrote: Disturbing story which fills you from doubts till the end.

Li P (kr) wrote: I recorded this movie years ago on VHS when it played on a premium station. It's what you would call a sleeper hit. Burton Cumming's is hiliarious as the loner stoner turn gentle protector. Paul Sorivno gives a strong performance as done Glynnis O'Connor. If you are a Don Johnson fan, this is a very young Don and I would say not one of his best acting jobs but he is affective. The story is clean and endearing with a nice ending though not for all of it's characters. Bonus, if you like Burton Cummings or the Guess Who's sound, the you will enjoy the sound track to this movie. Very Well Done!

Jessica J (ag) wrote: A slightly weird plot line, but the dancing was brilliant.

Carlos G (gb) wrote: Good movie I've seen better but it brings out lots of laughter

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