Britain's Got Idiots Live

Britain's Got Idiots Live


Britain's Got Idiots is the stunning debut DVD of Andy Parsons, the star of Mock The Week and Live at the Apollo. Recorded at the Lyric Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue at the zenith of his sell-out UK tour. Britain's Got Idiots proves once and for all that Andy Parsons is not only the topical comedian of his generation but a damn fine dancer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Britain's Got Idiots Live torrent reviews

William v (br) wrote: Brilliant cast - slow moving, but gripping. Darkmand maybr to close to real life for most critics

scott g (au) wrote: dull at times and doesent move along that great, danny dyer as usuall does his thing which makes it more tolerable, its saying a message concerning current events, but not that great

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Shuug M (it) wrote: Paul and the one called fish were great together

Jelena B (jp) wrote: Great undemanding movie

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Lee M (jp) wrote: Aims for laughs but mostly earns raised eyebrows and knowing smirks instead.