British Columbia

British Columbia


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  • Release:1917
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  • Category:Short
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British Columbia torrent reviews

Andy G (mx) wrote: happy Christmas is slow not long movie about couple that a friend in and she try to meet a guy she likes but there not much to this movie. C- (2014)

Wade H (au) wrote: Boring and predictable. A bland comedy just milking of Rogen's name.

James L (es) wrote: What is freedom? A city lady arrives at a idyllic village by the beach, with too much physical and metaphysical baggage. She came with a preconceived notion of what she'd like to do. Some things need patience, like boiling a prefect pot of red beans. A beautiful 2 hr film that takes you on a mind vacation.

Zach M (ag) wrote: This was oddly a very boring movie that had the majority of its action in the last 30mins of the movie. Mark Wahlberg was very lame in this movie and so was Beau Bridges. Mila Kunis seems to be catching my eye a lot more recently. And what the hell, I thought Chris O'Donnell was dead, what's he doing in this movie? Story was very weak and like most video game based movies it doesn't use the story properly.

Luigi T (kr) wrote: I am not that big of a Metallica fan to be honest but I must admit I really like this documentary. It was extremely candid and real. It showed the trials and tribulations of a band that are considered ICONS.

Sean F (gb) wrote: Daredevil bored me to death. Now Matt Murdock is my favourite Marvel character, but Ben Affleck didn't do well here. Thankfully he is now Batman and the character of Daredevil now has a kick-ass Netflix series.

King L (kr) wrote: Intriguing but I heard the comic book series is better. Martin Sheen is pretty good as a villain.

PieterJan V (ag) wrote: Packed with cliches but enjoyable!

Greg W (ru) wrote: this pic has 3 horror stories all of which are not that scary

Tim R (au) wrote: Big dumb fun only a huge budget and the early 60s can deliver. If you're looking for an accuratre retelling of the west, through the 19th century, you're wtching the wrong movie.

Edward B (ag) wrote: Some great cinematography, the beauty of Rome is used to maximum effect. The plot of this film has some similarities to How to Marry a Millionaire but never reaches the heights or humour of it's superior predecessor. Out of the three couples, one pair is genuinely unlikeable and makes for a solidly boring half an hour. Not awful, but unnecessary considering all the films about three women trying to get married.

Nicholas G (us) wrote: Hitchcock has made so many good movies that when people sit down and watch his movies they automatically expect this movie to be good. While this move doesn't reach the heights of his best movies, it delivers some good suspenseful moments. Want I liked about Hitchcock is his fascination and ideas about murder, he really comes up with some clever ideas about how to kill someone and get away scot-free.

Simon D (ca) wrote: What promised to be a pretty edgy comedy after the first 10 minutes turned into a emotional family story where the characters are the be all and end all. It does have one or two funny moments but it's mainly pretty dark and moving stuff. This film is also another sad reminder in what we have lost with Philip Seymour Hoffman passing.

The Sky I (gb) wrote: Very good visual wise for the time and an original plot I watched it three times in one week without it growing old.