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Ivan S (gb) wrote: Don't waste your time. The original I give it 5 stars. I don't know where this one came from.

uPtton (it) wrote: this was funny as usal

Greg R (fr) wrote: Like many movies based on cartoon shows I've seen, Hey Arnold:The Movie feels like a 30 minute special forcely stretched into a feature-length film. While I don't think it's awful by any means, this lacks a lot of elements that I really liked about the show. I heard they were going to make a Hey Arnold Jungle Movie but they made this to do something more safer, which i understand, but I wish if they were going to do something safer, it wouldn't be a story that was really unoriginal, and kind of forced sometimes.

TheMumblelover (kr) wrote: Pure brilliance. Its a film with bursting vibrancy, black comedy and originality that I showed it to whoever would sit and watch it with me.Q is the enigmatic stranger who comes upon a dysfunctional family where each family member become reawakened by Q to harmonise their dysfunction and become the nuclear family and embrace their dysfunction and belligerence and to be reunited and happy.

Michael T (au) wrote: Typical terrible Sandra Bullock comedy.

James S (ag) wrote: An interesting film, and one that is generally considered a bit of a classic. Its certainly an odd movie, and one that cannot easily be compared to another, although is overall one that I really enjoyed. Our two leads are excellent, particularly Pitt as the controlling, domineering Tyler. Certain developments and scenes are very wacky, although this fits in which much of the film and characters. The famous finale is somewhat foreseeable from the outset, although is still executed really well.

Neil A (ca) wrote: top lines, great performance

Bill B (us) wrote: I would have expected more from Mario Bava, but there you go. It's an okay watch, but the first film is largely superior.Rental?

Allan C (nl) wrote: Should have ben titled "Tarzan Goes Hawaiian". Tarzan somehow finds Polynesian culture in the jungles of Africa. And if there wasn't already enough cultural confusing going on, Tarzan also finds a calypso playing minstrel. However, it's still all reasonably entertaining.

Danielle B (au) wrote: This movie is exactly what it is supposed to be. ... and I <3 Matt Lanter and will see every spoof movie he's in if possible.

James H (ru) wrote: I can't help but enjoy this film as it brings back childhood memories. Sacha Baron Cohen and David Schimmer in particular are very funny and the penguins are great too. I've noticed that people don't like the pop culture references but I enjoy them. I do understand why people hate it though as a lot of the jokes are overly silly and only suit children.

Sol C (nl) wrote: I was expecting the film to be better than what it is, especially cause of the cast. The film is too quirky and over the top. In a weird way, it reminded me of a very bad version of 30 Minutes or Less, except that film is better than this film. I feel like I have seen Jesse play this character before in another movie. Both him and Leo have a great on screen chemistry. They deserve a better film than this one. Tracy Morgan is too over the top.

Michael H (ru) wrote: Despite its absurd storyline, it's a surprisingly entertaining film that won't deaden your brain cells even if it's a trashy B film sci-fier. The special effects are certainly not up to modern speed, but for its time it serves the low-budget film well.

Jason U (es) wrote: I'd like to put forth the argument for this being the greatest cast ever assembled for a movie. Seriously, show me one that beats it. Okay, true...Eartha Kitt is weird as hell, and should appear only in David Lynch films. But aside from her...One other cast note: Anyone as old or older than me should be able to appreciate Ted Lange ("The Love Boat,") being cast as a jive-talkin' pimp. Now, for other elements. Cinematography is smooth, aside from the 2nd Unit stuff, which looks like it was shot by someone who didn't know when the camera was rolling and when it wasn't. Director/Producer Arthur Marks has a problem with continuity and/or short-term memory. Friday Foster witnesses a shoot-out that results in a few casualties. But this does not have an effect on her mood, the next day. Later, a friend dies in Friday's arms. This event does not affect her mood on what might actually be the same day. Yes, the story is a bit convoluted. Even hard to follow at times. But the characterizations are dynamite, and the dialogue is poppin. Watch this for catchy lines, a sweet score, some crazy death scenes, and the most bad-ass array of talent ever. Oh, there's also a politically incorrect gay bar scene. The sissy actually comes off like an exceptionally pleased Alfred Hitchcock.