Bro, What Happened?

Bro, What Happened?

Phil and his misfit friends score big when they are invited to the party of the century at Bob's house. Known for throwing the craziest drug, sex and booze filled parties, this was sure to be a night to remember. The only problem is that they can't remember a thing. When Phil wakes up realizing that his girlfriend is only hours from knocking on his door, he decides to enlist the help of his friends to try to piece together what was obviously a night worth remembering.

Phil and his friends try to piece together what happened at the previous night's drugs, sex and booze filled party. As they dig deeper it becomes more and more clear that whatever happened, it was one epic night. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amanda H (gb) wrote: I didn't expect much, but I like Aaron Ashmore so I decided to give this a chance. Haylie Duff is not terribly believable in her role and the whole thing is a bit predictable, but despite those things this is a pretty decent teen slasher-type flick. Not a huge standout, but definitely watchable.

Clyde G (ru) wrote: Something akin to Studio Ghibli as it is just so different from the sea of endless Mechas, Demon/Vampire hunters, and Martial Artists.With great storytelling, characters, humor and sappy moments, it almost feels as real as a live action film. The animation is top notch quality. Awesome use of muted tones to set the mood of the environment.

Jessica H (kr) wrote: has the heart warming halmark feel with all of the crap.

Thomas G (us) wrote: The informations about the movie are wrong, the story, some of the actors,everything is wrong, and the movie was released in 2009 !!

Amber C (us) wrote: This is a great movie that I could watch any day of the week. Not many people have seen it but it's just so charming. I caught it on HBO years ago and immediately loved it. Kate Capshaw is so good in this movie!

Jonathan B (es) wrote: More existential Yakuza goings on from Takeshi Kitano. Surreal comedy mixes with stylised violence and visual poetry. Its a heady mix and one of Takeshi's best.

Chloe C (jp) wrote: Strangely, i wasn't affected by the story nor performance of the lead actors nor the music of the movie! I'm not quite sure about this tragic tale of half-breeds being always below the white man.

Andrejs P (gb) wrote: french new wave jewel heist/noir film. lots of backstabbing along the way with the main character, Silien, concocting the biggest of them all to frame a crime boss in order to get his old girlfriend back as well as saving himself as another criminal believes that Silien has turned on him and given him up to the police for the actual heist. yeah if that sounds complicated just watch the movie....there is even more murder and backstabbing adventures. Ending when Maurice suddenly "remembers" something he told his prison buddy is pretty unbelievable.....otherwise a pretty good film overall.....

Orlok W (us) wrote: The point of the film is to make fun of phony sentimentalism, sanctimonious posturing, and the general tendency of the media to put profit ahead of grace, dignity, and the simple truth... Very Sharp-Edged, Sweeping Satirical Comedy-- The writing cuts to the bone, exposing hypocrisy in all its forms. The film is as fresh today, and is as relevant to the culture, as it was when it was made... Sort of a cross between a ferris wheel and a werewolf!!