Broad Daylight

Broad Daylight


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1922
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:melodrama,  

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Broad Daylight torrent reviews

Sarah P (au) wrote: It looked like a school project. It wasn't BAD bad, but it wasn't great either. The main character's wheelchair sidekick was pretty funny though!

Clement L (jp) wrote: I cannot say which one is better (I think I like "Last Lives" better), but I can say that this director really is someone!

Brandon W (nl) wrote: Poseidon is one of the first disaster films I have ever seen, and I remember liking the film. So when coming across it on HBO, I decide to watch it again as its been many years since I last watched it, and boy did it felt very dated to me. The acting is kind of bad, the characters are very underdeveloped and just plain uninteresting. The script is pretty bad which was probably the most disappointing aspect of the remake. The good things about this movie are that the effects still look really good to this day, which the capsizing scene is very well done and is the best part of the film. There were some interesting parts, but for the most part, it's just very dull. There were some decisions that I thought were very stupid and just didn't make sense as there were better ways to do what they need to do. Poseidon didn't really make me mad as the characters are not really annoying or just downright do tons of dumb ways to screw up the situation, but all there is for me were some B movie thrills, cool effects, impressive camerawork on the capsizing scene, and a plot that can actually be very well done if executed right, which for the most part, it didn't.

xxxJenni P (mx) wrote: Six American women travel to an unnamed South American country to adopt babies. According to local law, the women are forced to establish residency and live among the native people. The women include: a working-class Southerner who is a member of Alcoholics Anonymous; a neurotic Jewish New Yorker; a prep school trust-fund girl; a bitter Midwesterner; a financially strapped Bostonian, and an athletic blonde.

Annalena V (ca) wrote: This movie is so good. It's really sad too though. It made me think a lot.

Laura W (br) wrote: I liked this movie. I thought it was really cute.

Sam H (de) wrote: Something of a mistake. Doesn't hold up from its predecessor.

Harry W (br) wrote: As a huge fan of Eli Roth I was so excited to see the Green Inferno, as I knew there would be inspiration from the hugely influential Cannibal Holocaust so I was thrilled to hear he'd be paying homage to it, but I was really disappointed. The film is a sleaze fest from start to finish and not in an artfully exploitative Rob Zombie way more in a weird "bargain bin" 2nd November Halloween sale kind of way. Roth seems desperate to cram in as much banal depravity as he can in the short time he has to truly freak out his audience and it just doesn't work as there is absolutely no story and no likeable characters who really frame the gore. I felt no compassion for the characters and whilst what I was seeing did affect me in the intended way, I did feel disgusted, frightened and even amused at times, but was I interested at all? Not really... Other than that, future screem queen Lorenza Izzo gives a capable performance.

Russell S (au) wrote: In a shortened version this would have made for a great episode of the Twilight Zone! Oddly intriguing and a movie that despite it's almost comical premise works well enough to keep you watching until the end.