Broadcast Bombshells

Broadcast Bombshells

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An ambitious brunette associate producer at a local New Jersey TV station uses her seductive charms to compete against a sexy blond anchorwoman to further her career. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott B (kr) wrote: No jumpscares or gore. Thoroughly uneasy and unpleasant atmosphere, masterfully made. Why this isn't getting more love is beyond me.

Peter P (au) wrote: Well put together film about what people are doing to sharks and how it is causing damage to our planet. Where this movie shines the most is in all the stellar moments captured on film that are really something to see. This is of course balanced with some gruesome footage of sharks being finned and thrown away, and the part that looks at the killing of whale sharks was truly hard to watch (they are whale sharks for crying out loud, they are gentel giants that never hurt anyone, not that any type of shark should be hunted and killed, but come on, whale sharks!) . A must see for discovery channel watchers.

Olli G (ru) wrote: Often disturbing and downright grim at times but absolutely brilliant because of it. Edward Norton is absolutely superb and gives an believable turn as a white supremacist. Let down only slightly by occasionally heavy handed cinematography (why all those shots of the sea?) and a clich heavy script. I was going to call it utterly predictable as well but that misconception was proven very wrong.

Kieran F (ru) wrote: When it came to the books this as my favourite of the bunch. When it came to the films...I still enjoyed this one(just as much as the hunt for Red October it's predecessor) the story is fun and en joying. , Ryan foils an attempted assassination, thereby incurring the wrath of a maniacal Irish radical (Sean Bean). But...IDK it just didn't have the out standing performances as HfRO. YES Ford was better then Baldwin but...the supporting actors where dull. I mean Sean Bean was okay but he wasn't that great either....he was just..there.All in all though it's a great addition to the series it just needed a few more interesting characters.

Robert R (au) wrote: Though this freshman effort may provide promising hints into the beautiful careers that would develop over time from the Coen brothers, "Blood Simple" itself is an ultimately unsatisfying film with uninspired characters and a sluggish pace.

Chris S (kr) wrote: Another infamous and cheesy knock-off of "Alien" knockoff. A entertaining flick known for its gratuitous nudity ever presented in any kind of science fiction flick. One of the best lost classics of Roger Corman, worth the price of admission for Corman junkies.

holly r (ca) wrote: Just another kidnapped and torture/slaughter movie. It had more a story to it than others.

Mark E (mx) wrote: A lot of heart with some funny lead kids. The bully really pissed me off (in a good way) by the end.

Lee B (br) wrote: Great....great...great movie...soundtrack is amazing

Matthew D (mx) wrote: More immediate and polished than it's predecessor, the second cinematic outing for the crew of the Enterprise trades the epic scale and slow-burning mystery of the first film for an intensely personal story focused around a battle of wits with Star Trek's most famous villain; the climatic battle against him in the style of submarine warfare is especially thrilling. Some potentially interesting supporting characters are sadly underdeveloped and while Montalban is compelling he is rather pantomime, but the film's true pivot is around the central relationship between Kirk and Spock, and in this respect it is their finest hour and their most moving voyage.

Alex S (kr) wrote: At times it forces its heartstring tugs, but for the most part Wendy and Lucy earns them with a bleak perspective on the nature of poverty and companionship heightened by its smooth direction and powerful performance from Michelle Williams.