Three suburban English families' lives intertwine with tragic consequences.

The story of a young girl in North London whose life changes after witnessing a violent attack. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sapphire W (fr) wrote: Such a shame they auto-tuned it. It removed a lot of the raw emotion. Otherwise, fantastic.

Barry T (ag) wrote: A huge fan of Xavier Dolan and this is just as good as all his other films. Tom loses his partner and ends up visiting his mother who doesnt realise he exsisted, there he becomes embrolied in a strange relationship with the brother

Alden S (us) wrote: 9 out of 10:Great adaptation of a classic book.

Dan M (ag) wrote: Much in the same vain as a Miyazaki film, you have a very interesting story involving(well, duh.. time travel), compelling characters and a nice little twist at the end. Actually the latter isn't really a Miyazaki thing. Good stuff here, I liked it.

Adryan G (ag) wrote: I'm not comfortable rating documentaries. Things I found interesting in this one include the positioning of the regime/city/country/ghetto and multiple international influences, such as Wyclef and, of course, US foreign policy. I worry that the director went a bit too far in establishing the romantic story arc. But then, presumably Asger Leth is related to Jorgen Leth and he's been doing questionable but interesting things with the documentary genre boundaries for decades. As a film, it wasn't impressive, as a subject it was fascinating.

Lauren J (au) wrote: Got better as it went along... not bad!

Dan O (it) wrote: It has a nice script, as well as some good performances from the cast, but Liberty Heights doesn't succeed fully with being something stronger than it should have been.

Caitlin L (jp) wrote: A cute movie for the entire family.

Van V (us) wrote: Classic good time movie.

Andrew L (es) wrote: You don't have to be a stockbroker to understand this movie. The dialogue and characters pull you in for a different type of film, in other words, good. Solid acting, except for Daryl Hannah, she wasn't on her "A game". Gordon Gekko is an unforgettable character and Michael Douglas is the perfect man for the job.

Kyle f (nl) wrote: Average disaster flick, with some great actors wasted. Has it's moments.

Ty N (us) wrote: One of my all time favorites. Deliverance gives you nightmares on going kayaking in the south.

John B (it) wrote: One of the better political thrillers and certainly the best that France has produced in the genre.

Onur C (mx) wrote: Eva is a typical "nouvelle vague" caharacter who is independent in her sexual preferences, dominant and distinctive. Eva's provocative structure is fed by her inner senses full of disgust to bourgeois. Tyvian - male character of the film, skipped upper class from lower(Eva's) - is at focus of all her insult. From Eva's ethical perspective she displays a consistent behaviour on him because Tyvian has no class consciousness, just a simple materialist and opportunist. Eva is a representative of 60's liberty era. Joseph Losey reveals the spirit of era with his experimental scene formation and with, legendary Jeanne Moreau.

Paul D (ag) wrote: This was boring and pointless. I still am not sure if there was even a story being told here. There are a few entertaining moments with James Franco and Heather Graham but not enough for me to recommend that this ever been seen by anyone.

Adam A (mx) wrote: "Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" yet again travel on familiar waters in this yet action-packed adventure. It is unfortunate though that every new element they pull in, feels rather dated, unfocused and pointless the least.

Jeff N (gb) wrote: Airplane movie at best. Don't take the bait!

Fernando P (us) wrote: A movie so beautifully made, but with catastrophic performances.