Broken Blade: Edge of the Line of Death

Broken Blade: Edge of the Line of Death


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Broken Blade: Edge of the Line of Death torrent reviews

Aidan M (nl) wrote: Having rented it off of iTunes for $9.99, I can happily expect the film to be of the duo's more critically appreciable films when it dwindles down to looking back on the duo's filmography. Now, yes, the film does have a recycled plot line, but for some reason, it does work. Friedberg and Seltzer take the paty movie route with a Hangover-esque direction, but instead of our band of characters waking up the following day, they cleverly use found footage to record the goings-ons of the night. I will admit, though, that is there is really nothing ground-breaking with their techniques. I can say that the most ground-breaking steps that the found footage genre last took were in Chronicle. All they do is your simplistic, run of the mill photography, and it's nothing notable.The storyline is put on the backs of four women, on a bachelorette outing for one of their friends. Upon arival, they have an unlikely lax schedule set up, but if you have either seen the film or have seen the trailer, this plot thread is obviously thrown to the curb, with good intentions. One of many things that I liked about the film was that it was told in a woman's perspective. In one scene, they are in a private room at an adult's club, and when one of them touches a performer, it has a more tamer outcome. In the film Go, there is a vignette that has a scene like it, but when a performer is touched by a man, a guard comes in threatening to beat him to a pulp. So it's interesting, seeing that dianamic from these guys, which is a complete shot of left field.Now, the acting is tolerable for the hour and a half you're in for, but in a slightest of ways, it does seem to evolve these characters into a seperate situation that helps build their characters, so, that again was refreshing to see.I'm just very happy to see these guys spread their wings and attempt to fly in a complete other direction. While the film isn't perfect, it is something to see. As it goes to show a completely trashy reputation in film can't go to show for all films. I hope these guys stay on the correct path down the line, because with more films like this, they will learn.

Federico F (jp) wrote: Cattivissimo ritorno per Rowan Atkinson,che torna a rivestire i panni dell'agente pi imbrabato del Regno Unito. Nonostante il buon successo,il sequel ha avuto critica molto negativa poco audience rispetto al primo film,ma ha buon mercato

Sgt C (ru) wrote: (37%)A piece made entirely for the average opening weekend cinema goer. The type of person who decides what film to go and watch by the billboard they just drove past, or a 10 second TV spot. Someone who thinks that the critics are way too harsh with the "awesome" transformers movies. The type of person who are far more interested in the popcorn and fizzy drink combo than the actual film itself. People who just want a big bang for every one of their bucks. Folk who always between the "boring talky bits" check their text messages and distract everyone around them with the annoying glow from their phone's screen. And quite frankly if that's you in a nutshell then this is a good watch. In fact you might even deem it awesome, but if that's the case then you likely paid with your ticket using pocket money. With a fair bit of Will Smith's "Enemy of the state" this is a movie most high school students would alter Hitchcock's entire back-catalogue to be more like, ie take out character depth, almost all the tension, subtlety, and just hand over all the action by the bargain bucket load. While this does roll along at a fair old speed, is very watchable, and isn't really what I'd call even near to being terrible, but it still couldn't be more of a hollow, overly produced, and very silly experience even if it tried.

Matt F (nl) wrote: a bit slow but its entertaining

Private U (es) wrote: This movie is really sad but it is true to life and ultimately uplifting.

Roy C (au) wrote: Light despite its subject.

Michael A (es) wrote: brooks followed up his hilarious SPACEBALLS with this clunky, mildly funny piece that tries and fails to address socioeconomic issues. too many dissolves, too few LOLs. in short, stinks.

Ashley H (ag) wrote: Based in great performances by Gregory Peck, Richard Creena, Gene Hackman, David Jansen and all the great crew, this Apollo-era film is a good movie for entertaining and a short view of the Space Program in the early 70's. I also thought the direction was great. The space scenes are part of the movie, not the movie itself and, well, was 1970, the chroma effects were still simple. Still, the acting quality is the best value of Marroned. Please take a look and make your own opinion. I love it!

Gabriel A (nl) wrote: Uma ao misturada com um pouco de fico cientifica embaraosa, o desenvolvimento precrio at por que as caractersticas do clone so um pouco bizarras, o que atrapalha um pouco o sentido lgico, no ha muita emoo no ar, e a direo omissa e distante.

Craig B (ca) wrote: Touted as an expose about the sex industry, Stripped is really about a group of dancers in one particular strip club. It's not particularly enlightening nor comprehensive about the industry, but it does give us a glimpse of the personalities who work the poles. They're a lot like you and me, only they're a little more pissed off at men. I suppose if I had to bare my crotch every minute to greasy old ladies so they could push cash down my tighty whities, I'd be a little pissed off too. The trade-off is, of course, that a lot of strippers take home the bacon. And that, as you might expect, is the draw. You can get rich quick, assuming you know how to hang onto the money. As a side note, I found it interesting that the strip club owner wasn't interviewed for the documentary, nor did the girls say anything bad about the owner. Just a nice guy, I guess. Yeah, right.

Kieran F (br) wrote: Exceptional film, ridiculousness!!

Carlos P (kr) wrote: Slo como thriller se sostiene. Pero la pelcula es ms ambiciosa y va ms all: las pasiones, las convicciones, el sentido de la vida, el amor. Con razn se ha dicho que los ojos son las ventanas del alma.

Stephen K (ag) wrote: We're about to go extinct? What's to not like?