Broken Blade: The Divided Path

Broken Blade: The Divided Path


Second Break Blade movie. The narration begins by revealing Athens invaded the Krisna Kingdom for allowing the Orlando Empire to cross into their land to attack Athens during their power struggle over Assam but the true purpose of the invasion is to take over the Krisna Quartz mines as Athens is suffering a shortage of Quartz. In the Athens capital of Ilios, Secretary of War Loquis has received news that his brother Zess has successfully reach Binonten. Meanwhile, Rygart manages to get a ceasefire between the Athens invaders and Krisna defenders and speaks with Zess. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben L (ca) wrote: The Edge is a movie that could have been truly great with only a few tweaks. It's a very interesting tale of a group of men who get lost in the wilderness and have to fight the elements, a bear, and each other to survive. I like the characters and almost all of the acting performances. Some could say that Anthony Hopkins feels flat or boring in the lead role, but I thought he did a good job of playing someone who has allowed money to taint almost all of his relationships, and so he has a somber outlook on life. When push comes to shove in the wilderness he finds some more emotional, big moments especially when he plays off of Alec Baldwin. The best part of this film is the constant tension that you feel between these 2 guys because you never really know if there is a contentious relationship, or if it's all in Hopkins' head. That adds something deeper to what could be a flat film about simply surviving in the wild. I think the problem, though, is that they try to drag this tension out too long after the bear has been dispatched. The bear battle seemed like it should have been near the end, and then they would just need one more little scene of confrontation. Instead they give us a whole entire act of the film that slowly unfolds after the bear is gone. It just drags too much. Also the epilogue was completely odd and unnecessary. It's as if the film wanted us to know the watch exchange/reveal happened, but didn't know what to do from there, so they give Hopkins this odd speech that kind of means nothing in the context of the film we just saw. Yet the movie did have me approaching the edge of my seat (pun intended) it just needed a bit more editing to make it great.

Bryan G (nl) wrote: [font=Courier New]In my journey to see all things zombies, I stumble on a lot of buried treasures out there. Some range from home movies like [i]Zombie Genocide[/i], to theatrical movies like [i]Undead[/i]. While a film like [i]Zombie Genocide[/i] contains limited effects, the passion for great movie making is in the film. Which makes the film enjoyable by my standards. But a film like [i]Undead[/i] suffers from my most hated of all movie qualities? boredom. While the ideas are there, none are used to their potential. Which ends up making [i]Undead[/i] an almost unbearable film to watch because it just seems to drag on and on. After a meteor shower, the residents of a fishing town named Berkeley are being turned into zombies. And a small band of survivors band together, well sort of, to try to make it out alive. But a mysterious wall built around the town by Aliens may cause even more problems for them. I don?t mind that the film is weird. In fact, I love weird movies. [i]Wild Zero[/i], a film I saw earlier this year, had some of the same elements as this film. But the difference between the two films is that [i]Wild Zero[/i] maintained a level of entertainment, while Undead dished out flat jokes after flat jokes. And the people in this movie aren?t appealing enough for you to care about what is happening to them. The characters range from a monotone talking fisher who has dealt with these aliens before, to a pregnant sore loser of a local beauty contest of sorts. Even when the movie tried to be funny, these people just became more and more aggravating. And the most laughs you will probably will get are chuckles here and there Like [i]Dead and Breakfast[/i], this movie shows that not everyone has the power to make a good zombie movie. This film is certainly worth missing, unless you are like me and have to see everything that has a zombie in it. But be warned, like [i]High Tension[/i], this isn?t a hidden horror gem like you might be thinking. If you want to see a good ?funny? zombie movie, see [i]Shaun of the Dead[/i] or [i]Dead Alive[/i] (AKA [i]Brain Dead[/i]).[/font]

Andrew M (kr) wrote: A great look at the realities of the professional wrestling business, with real blood sweat and tears, and reminding people that not everyone gets a happy ending- as my brother put it, the movie The Wrestler could EASILY have been the film biography of Jake "The Snake" Roberts, as both he and the film's protagonist have such similar lives and paths it's scary.

Andrew B (nl) wrote: Standing above typical Disney fare with its approach to gender politics, it looks impressive, has enough action for the kids and enough food for thought for the adults.

Jeremy M (ru) wrote: Alright OVA. A little slow and confusing for those who doesn't know anything about the Robotech or Macross.

Scott M (ag) wrote: Mod era movie with plot twists and generic characters whose slow movement & plot holes do not stand the test of time. Loren was quite a dish in her younger days though.

Dave R (jp) wrote: jeff bridges does a great job playing preston tucker in this story of the rise and fall of the tucker car company. interesting to see how prophetic his speech is during his trial - the film was made in 1988 and looking back at how the germans and japanese were making better cars than the usa. funny to watch it now in 2010 and see that the car industry in america just never learned the lessons it needed to learn...

Duncan K (gb) wrote: Even though it's silly to the point of being groan worthy at times, it's still pretty funny.

Li F (ru) wrote: Love this one! I love when the little boys are outside chatting about hell.

Arnaud L (ag) wrote: Good rape & revenge flick by Ho Meng Hua.

Steve R (nl) wrote: Nowhere near as good as the original.

Panos Y (us) wrote: 6/10 The fun is there, but the plot seems rushed out just to get the movie to the theatres. It really does not bring out what it could. Just an average movie.