Broken Lines

Broken Lines

After losing his father, an engaged man begins an affair with a waitress, both longing for happiness.

Two people find themselves at a crossroads after suffering severe family tragedies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Broken Lines torrent reviews

Fathead 0 (ca) wrote: This is a HORRIBLE movie!!!

Tara G (nl) wrote: I have just finished watching this movie. It's entertaining and honest. Acting is excellent. There are several cameos from known actresses/actors.

Nicola W (ru) wrote: Better than the reviews give it but not sure I really knew what was going on. Too long also. I enjoyed it tho and kiera knightly looked hot :)

Meng K (fr) wrote: 5.11 ??? ?????????????

Miles A (nl) wrote: The music score has improved ten-flold over Koyaanisqatsi. The visuals weren't as engaging and were quite repetitive.

David Ray G (gb) wrote: Unlike a couple of other Fassbinder films I've watched, this one is absolutely marvelous. The characters are deeply interesting (even if they're not all likable), and it presents us the life of a poor man who wins the lottery and all of a sudden is elevated from the streets to mansions, from pubs to expensive restaurants, from working to the circus to owning half an industry, from cheap blue jeans to expensive suit and ties. But beyond that, he's only the naive victim of an uptight rich man, who takes advantage of him and his money in order to save his company (and himself) from bankruptcy. The unfairness of this movie drove me crazy - that's for sure. I was wondering when love would stop blinding Fox from seeing the truth. It's as simple as any Fassbinder movie is - just a camera, a few actors, a script and a setting. One Fassbinder film that touched me, and a film which the characters could easily correspond to types of individuals today.

Bob B (au) wrote: Top-notch service comedy. Model Suzy Parker gives a typical wooden performance, yet strangely compelling. Ray Walston before My Favorite Martian.

Joshua T (nl) wrote: I had a bad feeling watching the opening scene (when the title appeared, and Strauss is laughing maniacally), but Dean Stockwel's simultaneously chilling and vulnerable portrayal of the young murderer is the treat of this film... other than every scene with Orson Welles, whose deceptively languid presence is magnetic (incl the only slightly overdone closing speech).

Mark M (kr) wrote: A Lovecraftian homage of sorts, much of what makes Pandorum interesting is hard to interpret due to numerous red herrings thrown about. Despite its shortcomings, the film is without a doubt an ambitious, yet terribly executed piece of cinema that might appeal most to those seeking a science fiction film grounded in psychological horror.

Bernard M (ca) wrote: Nothing new, but watchable and reasonably entertaining.

Jason O (mx) wrote: Jake Preston (Nicolas Cage) is a helicopter pilot training for war against a famous nemesis. Jake is the most skilled flyer of everybody, but he has a team of other helicopter flyers behind him including Brad Little (Tommy Lee Jones), who helps Jake train to be an even better pilot. I thought "Fire Birds" was a good action movie. It might not be the best of its kind, but it's certainly not a bad movie. The training sequences and the final showdown between the Fire Birds and their major enemy is exciting. If you like action movies and especially if you like flying movies, I recommend getting "Fire Birds." NOTE: That was my Amazon review from the year 2000. Underrated action/flying flick to me.