Broken Sky

Broken Sky

First-love movie involving love triangle. Gerardo is deeply in love with longtime lover Jonas. When Jonas falls for a stranger he met at a local nightclub, heartbroken Gerardo soon seeks solace in the arms of Sergio (Alejandro Rojo). Despite other interests, Gerardo and Jonas can't bring themselves to end it.

Two students, Gerardo and Jonas, are in love. However, Jonas becomes obsessed with another boy, which leads to Gerardo moving into arms of Sergio. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Slick N (jp) wrote: pretty funny. Danita was kinda hot

Mark E (au) wrote: Declaration of War is one of the freshest foreign dramas of the year.

Sean C (us) wrote: Good film amazing sound track.

Gene A (gb) wrote: from what i remember, this movie was bad ass

Chloe C (jp) wrote: totally absurd, absurdly comical and seriously corny!!!

Nicole T (nl) wrote: Adorable and wonderful.

Tamatai N (au) wrote: An engaging, fascinating and eye-opening piece of documentary film-making. A few glitches and flaws here and there, but overall very well made and immensely enjoyable. Fine work.

Ed Q (kr) wrote: Astounding visuals cannot compensate for the inert narrative and studied performances.

Ursula R (jp) wrote: Mom, that's not true. Weed is not a drug.

Joe n Katy M (jp) wrote: 13th March, 2008, on DVD

Carl N (ru) wrote: I'm not going to waste too much time on this. The one and only reason I watched this was Linnea Quigley. So it gets one star for her being in it and half a star for the moderately decent special FX (considering it's a B-movie) apart from that its mind numbing and boring.

Im El Capitano A (de) wrote: Simply hilarious! I love Tony and Jerry! Couldnt see my life without them!

Simon D (ca) wrote: A surprising film for several reasons. Chaplin in a speaking role is one. It's not much of a comedy, a bit, but not much. He is probably one of the least likely actors to play a serial bigomist and murderer. On top of all these elements, it's a good story with a typically moralistic message.

Grant H (ca) wrote: Terrible movie. Skinwalkers is a cheap, boring, unoriginal, poorly acted rip-off of Underworld. The storyline is stupid, horribly written, and so packed full of clichs you would think it's being sold at Costco. The special effects and action sequences are terrible, horribly executed, and poorly thought out. The performances are god-awful, not even the kid delivering a good one.

Ian R (us) wrote: Violent retribution that seems to come from taunting rather than revenge over the rape scene (which is pretty distasteful even now), but the movie is tense and brilliantly directed, raising the tension and brutality effectively, even if the reasons seems to fall apart upon closer inspection.

House M (br) wrote: Another interesting flick if you what to grasp the historical background of the Irish independence movement and the IRA. The portrayal of Collins is very nice even if there's some discrepancies with historical facts. Nonetheless a good flick. Not a must see but really interesting if you are into understanding the complicated birth of the IRA. The man is a legend in Ireland.