Broken Springs

Broken Springs

Three teenage boys have their world turned upside down by tainted moonshine. They must rescue their loved ones and battle a marauding horde of zombies while fighting their way out of town.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Three teenage boys have their world turned upside down by tainted moonshine. They must rescue their loved ones and battle a marauding horde of zombies while fighting their way out of town. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Broken Springs torrent reviews

WS W (kr) wrote: Good story, with great delivery of Xueqi Wang of his character. Only the twists & turns look dragging with sometimes inconsistent film tone.

Leonel G (kr) wrote: Complete waste of time unless you are drunk and want to spend time leaving the TV on on a party. A shame for Gary Oldmans 5 star reputation. The director leaded 3 great hollywood actors into bad acting, using a bad script and the producer choose a terrible editor. This sounds like a millionaires sun deciding to play movie producing and directing, spending loads of money hiring the best money can buy in cameras and movie titles. Actually, the movie titles are by far better best then the movie it self. You better watch a rerun of any average movie then watching this. But do not take my word for it, watch 10 minutes of it and you get the drill.

Tim M (es) wrote: The film is profane, sadistic, frenetic, appalling, tasteless, and one of the most balls-out entertaining action films I've ever seen. Hang the fuck on!

Klein M (ru) wrote: One of the few Vietnamese movies I got to see, a beautiful movie full of subtleties and metaphores on the desperate lives of people in Ho Chi Minh City. Oh and I'm a big fan of Tony Leung Chiu Wai.

Mark N (nl) wrote: More of the same from the people who brought you Reanimator. The gags are just as rye and the camera winking doubly so. Huge fun for fan of the original the characters return to wreck havoc on fresh victims and bring back more than a few from the original. Contains one of my all time favorite monsters the walking eyeball & fingers monster that is used to such comedic effect.

Daniel S (gb) wrote: Not as good as woman under the influence, the two are very similar, both have gena rowlands going crazy while everyone else tries to cope. I guess it seemed like I'd seen this all before in the previous film, and some of the stage scenes, especially at the end, i was like wtf is going on. Having said that, cassavetes knows how to extract intense baring all performances from his actors, Ill definitely have a greater respect for rowlands having seen these 2 films

Brian M (ag) wrote: This might be the only WWII installment that doesn't include wartime propaganda (save for the end speech perhaps). At least the antagonists aren't Nazis this time. Here we have more of a whodunit full of red herrings. It starts out like a haunted house story, but it strays away from that. The soldiers are fun characters, and Bruce, yet again, is there for comic relief. Nice ending as well. Based loosely on "The Musgrave Ritual." Note: Future Rat Packer Peter Lawford appears uncredited in the beginning of the film as a sailor in the bar.

Jared B (au) wrote: Dane Cook likes a girl. Has to shape up and not be a slacker. Suffice to say, his transformation is not very believable. The comedy is sub par. At least this spelled the end of Cook as a movie star.

Logan M (us) wrote: This could've been a great film if Paltrow weren't casted. Anthony Hopkins and the prince of Persia himself were solid and like able. Paltrow, whom I find physically repulsive, was an akward love interest for gylenhaal, seeing as she's 8 years his senior and at the time of the film, looked more like 15 years his elder. Then she goes into her mopey craziness trying to look cinematically haggard, but comes off more as a discarded, shapeless sponge in sweatpants. You feel no compassion for her character which is a pivotal role for the films emotional platform. You just wonder if they found the greatest actor of all time, and one of the hottest actors at the moment, why did they settle for a female who was neither on par with their ability or beauty?

Brandon M (kr) wrote: Yeah, it's got some silly, funny moments in it. But let's not beat around the bush; this is yet another movie that was set out from the beginning to be a guilty pleasure piece of trash with juvenile pop-culture humor and cartoony gags. The effort in these kind of films is beyond lazy and we need to stop giving them attention, lest they continue to make more like this.

Tracy F (it) wrote: I do love me some Samuel L. Jackson but that bring said, slow in parts.