Broken Windows

Broken Windows

Four Women, Four Dreams, Four Realities

Sara is a photographer who is constantly being offered high paying commercial work, but is losing sight of her artistic nature that made her a success in the first place. Her best friend ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tom T (de) wrote: Really like how it was shot. Super raw. Just not too into the story overall

Leon B (gb) wrote: A very good and skill-full movie that has a dark side to most scenes and a very exciting story. I thought the performance by William Forsythe was very intimidating as by the way he carried out the Devil inside of John Wayne Gacy.

Kelly S (nl) wrote: Humorous and character rich. Enjoy!

Carly D (es) wrote: If only because it inspired one of the best menu items ever to grace Burger King - the Rodeo Burger!

Alan G (ag) wrote: This film is the perfect quintessential early 90's sci-fi/action film that I want from every film of that specific genre. For someone who loves Starship Troopers, it is important to know your roots. The funny over-exaggerated character stereotypes are always great: The eccentric computer geek with an evil plan (who reminded me of a bad Heath-Ledger-joker impersonation). The super hot scientist chick. The badass "punk" guy who appears to also be a bodybuilder. Not to mention the whole bloody thirsty killer robot monster that every movie goer loves. And throw in a little super-soldier robot body armor. It's all there. And as an added bonus you get a bit part cast member from Star Wars!

Robert A (ca) wrote: Another fun movie from my childhood.

Ivan B (fr) wrote: Veselo drustvo koje cine placenik, njegov prijatelj iz Konga, bivsi nazi oficir i doktor alkoholicar skupljaju ekipu i bacaju se u misiju spasavanja dijamanata u srcu Konga. Bio sam ugodno iznenadjen ovime kaj sam pogledao, stvarno jedan od boljih old school klasika na koje sam naletio igrom slucaja.Inace film je za svoje vrijeme bio dost brutalan

Mario C (mx) wrote: this is the best move ever made

Alberto M (jp) wrote: A masterclass in acting, direction and editing. John Cassavettes was truly one of the best american director in the last century.

Stacey O (it) wrote: Stephen Dorff and David Boreanaz. Do you need more?

Catie F (ru) wrote: Actress Rosie Perez talks about the conditions at our nation's airports, where workers are being paid as little as $3.77 an hour + tips.