Brooklyn's Finest

Brooklyn's Finest

Enforcing the law within the notoriously rough Brownsville section of the city and especially within the Van Dyke housing projects is the NYPD's sixty-fifth precinct. Three police officers struggle with the sometimes fine line between right and wrong.

Three unconnected Brooklyn cops wind up at the same deadly location after enduring vastly different career paths. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Franklin M (nl) wrote: It's pretty interesting at the start, but drags on near the end as you wait for the self-centered Cody Curtis to ruin Christmas by killing herself in front of her entire family. As a Christian who believes in individual rights, I am conflicted with the topic: on one hand I believe we should all have the right to choose what we do with our own bodies and in our own homes - so long as we don't hurt another person, hence the ethical problem with abortion; on the other hand, you can clearly see, with Mrs. Curtis, how her inability to deal with manageable pain leads her to committing to ending her life when it wasn't entirely necessary. The documentary is well-handled, neither supporting or refuting the concept of assisted suicide. The majority of the film was dedicated to Mrs. Curtis' personal decision making and sucked a lot of the energy from the strong start, but I feel it was a good observation into the life of someone who may be the epitome of why assisted suicide should be more tightly regulated.

Lee S (es) wrote: Not as bad as critics say. Plot is OK but fairly predictable. The little girl switches well between sweet and creepy. The film is derivative but coming up with completely original material is a challenge now with so much preceding it.

Shayla M (kr) wrote: That was fuckin weird?!

Paul C (jp) wrote: A more than decent tv adapatation of Evelyn Waugh's trilogy, if a little slow and lacking in actual action. It does however convincingly relay the exasperations of the well-intentioned Daniel Craig, surrounded by the advancement of the menagerie of cowards, cads and chancers around him.

Bassam K (nl) wrote: Another great movie of French actress Isabelle Huppert and director Claude Chabrol!

Patrick F (us) wrote: Broad, silly sitcom-y storytelling. And not particularly funny.

Faley A (br) wrote: ? (R) 3/4 ? 3/4 ? 3/4 ?? ??, - (R) 3/4 ?? < ? 3/4 3/4 (R)? < ...? 3/4? - 3/4 3/4 < ? 3/4? ? 3/4 3/4 > ! < 3/4

Jonathan L (br) wrote: Suprisingly good and fun psycho-thriller about a killer orangutan used for an experiment as beautiful Elizabeth Shue is terrorized. It's fun.

Ken S (mx) wrote: I enjoyed this Woody Allen comedy about a small time talent agent who gets sucked into an adventure with the mistress of one of his clients. Allen is hilarious in the lead role, with a strong script and good direction, beautiful cinematography from Gordon Willis, and a nice supporting cast lead by Mia Farrow, there is little to not enjoy. It isn't as good as "Manhattan" or "Annie Hall", but I enjoyed it plenty.

Andrew H (us) wrote: totally englishh toally not how america won the war... awe inspiring!!

Spencer S (ag) wrote: The actual haunting of the house, where John Russell (Scott) resides, is handled with craftsmanship and delicacy by director Peter Medak. The tell-tale gothic mansion, the deep bass thuds in the house's walls like a giant's knocks, and the quiet whispering of a child's voice, make this a very ably made haunted house story. While the story behind the haunting, and the search for the truth behind it, make for a really interesting mystery, it's such a strange assemblage of scenes. In the first part of the film we see Russell widowed and he begins teaching composition at a university. When he begins to be haunted, he realizes it almost immediately, goes searching for the truth, and finds it. Russell is never frightened by the ghost, only inquisitive about its origins. He doesn't mind picking up human bones, threatening people, and talking to the ghost in question. Even big old George C. Scott must get scared sometimes, but in this film he's fully self-possessed and seems unable to approach fear. The connection between him and his dead daughter is severed once we indulge in finding out the truth about the ghost, which makes me wonder why he's widowed at all. While the film itself was intricate and complex in the best of ways, there really wasn't anything frightening about it, which is a shame when watching a film about a ghost story.

Clare H (au) wrote: Got it on DVD but haven't watched it yet

Brian S (mx) wrote: As a fan of Japanese cinema of the 70's & 80's, Everly is reminiscent of that era, and I enjoyed it.The gratuitous violence whether it is actually seen or perceived, the over dramatic dialog and attention to detail (visually brutal) is almost comical. The violent deaths which occur is typical of the long past eras. The idea of the movie is clear, however, dialog and acting is thin and weak. Contrast between specific characters was over shadowed by the weak dialog. This movie is not for everyone. For those who can really appreciate the 70's & 80's this is a movie you can sit back and enjoy. For those who do not understand the Japanese "dark" humor,... don't bother, you'll only criticize the gratuitous violence, explicit language, and,... you just won't like it. If you're watching it because of Salma Hayek, you get to see partial nudity, but you'll be disappointed at the depth of acting involved.