Brooklyn's Finest

Brooklyn's Finest

Enforcing the law within the notoriously rough Brownsville section of the city and especially within the Van Dyke housing projects is the NYPD's sixty-fifth precinct. Three police officers struggle with the sometimes fine line between right and wrong.

In Brooklyn, amid drug deals, violence, casual racism, poverty, housing projects, and corrupt cops, we follow three officers: Tango, African-American, working undercover, believing he's earned a promotion to a desk job but told he has to set up the bust of an ex-con who saved his life; Sal, who'll commit murder to get cash; and, Eddie, the precinct's oldest beat cop, a week to go before retirement, assigned to mentor an earnest rookie. Can this end well for any of the three? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tristan F (kr) wrote: I love the idea of a horror anthology film directed by all women, but unfortunately this is pretty bad

Greg W (gb) wrote: ok sequel but its pretty much the same as #1 set 3 years after the first still with the BR law.

Gkhan G (ag) wrote: Thomas Hardy'in trajik romann etkileyiciliine yaklaan Winterbottom'un uyarlamas kan dondurucu ekilde 1/4z 1/4c 1/4.

Nate A (fr) wrote: Another class samurai film from Kobayashi. Liked this just a little bit less than 'Harakiri'. It's slightly similar to that film in the sense that both are condemning the stupidity of rigid rules that don't really mean anything. In this case, a cast out courtesan is married to a low-level vassal, and is then requested back after the lord's heir dies and her child is now heir to his position. Why? Because the lord changed his mind and said so, that's why.Isaburo (Toshiro Mifune), touched by the love between the courtesan and his son in stark contrast with his loveless marriage, defies all requests to return her. The situation escalates until finally...shit gets real. The finale is awesome.This is a definite watch for samurai fans.

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Moses M (it) wrote: there's some stupid scenes but basically the movie is pretty good .

Ty M (ru) wrote: Better, but still boring.