Bros Before Hos

Bros Before Hos

Because of a bad marriage of their parents, two brothers Jules and Max made a pact never to get into a relationship with a woman. Therefore, they live a party-life in which they sleep with a different girl every day. However this changes when Jules starts to date Anna and Max falls in love with her. Can their bromance overcome this love triangle.

Because of a bad marriage of their parents, two brothers Jules (Daniel Arends) en Max (Tim Haars) made a pact never to get into a relationship with a woman. Therefore, they live a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tom M (nl) wrote: The cinematography of the war from only the inside of the tank and what the crew can see thru there scopes was very effective for telling this story.

Dawn S (ag) wrote: Awful. Simply awful. Bad acting, stupid storyline/plot, just an all around piss poor movie sloppily put together. This movie is probably why Mira Sorvino has fallen off the planet. Hollywood has had its fair share of really bad movies but this is one of at least ten that will always stand out in my mind as being one of the absolute worst

Michael K (jp) wrote: Original, fascinating and funny. How anyone could not love this movie is a mystery to me.

John B (ca) wrote: This is the one that doesn't star Kevin Costner. The Italian Postman is an absolute delight with a romance mixed in with Pablo Neruda. Who wouldda thunk of that. Very enjoyable.

Kenneth L (us) wrote: *Warning: Adult language* Richard Pryor is one funny motherfucker. I just can't think of any better way to put it. This is the first of his concert stand-up comedy movies, and it's absolutely brilliant. It's amazing how raw and profane his act is, especially in 1979. The jokes here are not dated at all - he could have performed them yesterday and they would still be hilarious. He's a real performer too, using what props he has, utilizing the full space of the stage, and getting so physically into his act that you can see giant sweat-stains on his shirt. His style has clearly influenced many, many stand-up comedians since. Based just on the strength of this one, I think Pryor was one of the funniest people who ever lived, along with Groucho Marx, Mel Brooks, and Woody Allen. Stand-up comedy just doesn't get any better than this guy.

Michael S (mx) wrote: Even taking into account that this is a made for TV movie from the 1970's, I had a hard time getting into this rather slow story. The acting is pretty typical of TV at the time, and the scares are pretty tame.

Sayo M (mx) wrote: He can't stop lying to save his life.

Brett B (ag) wrote: Decent supernatural drama with a really solid plot of a man being able to see visions and a ghost after he has been hypnotized. Kept feeling like something was missing with film overall though and really wanted to see where it would go with knowledge that there are others who can do the same, like his son. Still a decent effort with all of the faults.