A Japanese Yakuza gangster’s deadly existence in his homeland gets him exiled to Los Angeles, California, where he is taken in by his little brother and his brother’s gang. This is the first English film by Takeshi Kitano.

A Japanese Yakuza gangster is exiled to the United States. Takeshi settles in Los Angeles where his younger, half brother lives and finds that although the turf is new, the rules are still the same as they try to take over the local drug trade. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Edith R (us) wrote: What a great movie, entirely in French, but loved the passion and the elegance of the French palace.

Mark K (mx) wrote: A watchable directorial debut for Angelina Jolie.

Ryan C (br) wrote: Directed by Ron Howard and based on a true story, "Cinderella Man" is an enjoyable and thrilling underdog story about boxing legend James Braddock who literally fights to put food on the table for his family, However, what he doesn't realize is that the whole country is rooting for him as he is the only entertainment that can cheer up a nation that is struggling through the Great Depression.The boxing sequences are decent, not "Rocky" level though, and the heart-wrenching underdog story is the perfect combination of touching and powerful. Russell Crowe plays Braddock with such grittiness, but also with a full heart, that his performance is highly memorable in addition to Rene Zellweger who plays his wife. However, Paul Giamatti steals the show with performance as Braddock's trainer and manager.

Grgory L (gb) wrote: Remake du film L'Appartement (1996)

C Allen J (au) wrote: Ultimate authentic, stylish 30's gangster film, but more than that- the story of a son's love for a father whose violent career is at odds with his otherwise moral and 'ordinary' family life. Spectacular performances by Hanks who masters the good and evil aspects of Sullivan, and the iconic Paul Newman, the Irish mob boss who was his mentor and employer. The Thomas Newman score is haunting, sentimental, memorable. I cannot recommend highly enough. More brilliant direction by Sam Mendes. *****

Audie A (ag) wrote: one of the best 'feel good' movies & definately one of the best chick flicks!

Kevin M W (fr) wrote: John Carpenter's sci-fi looking effort is actually a road trip romance (ala Capra's It Happened One Night) about a guy from somewhere in space getting a close hand look at backroads America. Jeff Bridges does well as the newborn earthling/alien larnin' about our downhome, simple but good ways o' livin', but the film actually belongs to Karen Allen who carries the emotional weight of the piece and acts as our stand-in on a trip from Madison, Wisconsin to Winslow, Arizona.As a point of interest Kevin Spacey would play a similar type alien being, birdlike movements et al, with Jeff Bridges playing the psychologist trying to get at him years later in 2001's K-Pax. Both are guilty pleasures of mine since their initial releases.

Melissa (ru) wrote: my favorite movie. I love it, I wanted to be her when I was younger!!

Alex r (it) wrote: Drive-In Massacre has got one terrific concept for a slasher film; however the execution of the film is very bad. Now, the film fails because it really has no plot development and the film is slow, lumber on and on and really goes no where. I think this is sad, because the idea for the film is excellent, however, the execution of the film is so bad, and it's awful. This had so much potential to be a good horror film, instead the film is badly acted (even by horror standards) and the plot doesn't unfold it just stays there, becomes boring, lazy and tired. Then you become lazy, tired and bored. This could have been another slasher classic; instead it has the reputation of being an awful slasher with a ruined good idea. If the film would have been made by someone else who actually know the genre, then maybe the film would have been saved. However, Drive-In Massacre suffers from very poor plot development, bad acting, and bad directing and overall a bad story. The idea is great, a killer on the loose in a drive-in is a good idea, however the story sucks, and takes way too long to get to the point. If you're looking for a slasher film with numerous kills, this is not the one. The film is slow and boring. This one of the worst horror films of the 1970's As a slasher film this one has some decent kill scenes, unfortunately the bad direction of the film makes this film a film not worth watching. Drive-In Massacre is not a good film, unlike other entertaining Grindhouse features of the 70's such as Driller Killer, at least that film was entertaining, but Drive-In Massacre is dull, boring and even though it has a good concept for a plot, the filmmakers didn't know how to make that idea work in an effective horror film. This is a film that should be avoided. The title is the best part about this film.

David L (ru) wrote: Blood and Black Lace is a well-executed giallo, which literally translates to the word "yellow" in Italian. This color reference is a result of cheaply-made murder mysteries published in the 1920's that contained yellow covers. The common usage of the word giallo in terms of horror mostly involves a sadistic string of murders with an interesting final act that explains the motives behind them. In this particular film, Bava manages to deliver stylish camera work and a stunning layout. Imagine a cross between Roger Corman's set design during his Poe adaptation lineup, and pair it up with a composition that bares a striking resemblance to Dario Argento's artistry. Bava actually served as a huge inspiration for Argento which makes sense considering. Argento is responsible for 1982's Tenebre, another favorite giallo of mine.The plot of this film concerns a deranged madman who is killing off young fashion models. In typical giallo fashion, red herrings or false leads are thrown at you to build an exciting climax. I mentioned a likeness to Argento and that's precisely why Bava served as a point of influence - there are several scenes that act like mood triggers; exploring the palette in terms of lighting to generate a certain atmosphere. And while Bava wasn't partial to just one color, the selection he chose from coordinated seamlessly with the environment. I really appreciate this artistic approach and the cultural differences in film making. I enjoy a good art house flick from time to time but Bava manages the feature's run-time wisely by expressing himself and maintaining relevance simultaneously.Fans who are familiar with Italian giallos come to expect that many of them are dubbed in English...especially from this era. Luckily, I had the privilege of watching the uncut version of Blood and Black Lace in Italian with English subtitles on a old videotape years ago; upholding cinematic integrity flawlessly. If you love an entertaining giallo, or maybe you're curious about the sub-genre, Bava's classic is undoubtedly high on the list - just make sure you grab the version in Italian if you can find it.

Chris G (nl) wrote: Worth seeing for such a young Jack.

Kalyn G (fr) wrote: Why has no one said anything about this one? It's awesome.

Justin B (ca) wrote: On my list of the 10 worst movies ever made. Horrifically misguided cap to an already overrated franchise. In a bad comedy, I can always tell when I'm supposed to be laughing; but when I find little to no element of comedy in a COMEDY, something has gone cataclysmically wrong.