Brother Bear 2

Brother Bear 2

Kenai finds his childhood human friend Nita and the two embark on a journey to burn the amulet he gave to her before he was a bear, much to Koda's dismay.

An old friendship is renewed and new bonds are forged as Kenai and Nita set out on the adventure of a lifetime. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shefaa A (jp) wrote: Loved the theories it presented but somewhat disliked the execution at some parts. The theory includes assuming answers to" What makes a terrorist?" Since no one is born with a gun and vengeance; crazy Hitler was a smily bright kid once so WHAT HAPPENED? When did "the shift" happen to make him become one? Someone unjustly killed his family. That's a good reason for one to take vengeance? I love that! The movie is so neutral to the point of being relevant in relation to every character. You'll see the wife who's not a terrorist, two men with similar backgrounds exposed to the same situations yet each ends up with a differnt conclusion on how to react upon losing his beloved ones to terrorism. One other question stirred is whether the organized terrorism of countries, the U.S, is worse than the unorganized one by groups or individuals?

Jeff H (nl) wrote: I remember seeing this in the theater as a kid (with my mom too I think) Cute movie from what I recall. Greg Kinnear has had such an interesting career. Just the fact that he was able to transition from Talk Soup! to film is amazing (Tom Hanks did it too with Bosom Buddies) Yeah, he's limited (great in As Good As It Gets but terrible in We Were Soldiers - which was just a bad movie all-around) I think he's found his niche in romantic comedies as the likeable goof or good-natured dad (Feast of Love, Baby Mama)

John M (it) wrote: old style family kick ass

Joe A (nl) wrote: You have to be a fan of low budget B movies to appreciate this sci-fi horror from Roger Corman's New World pictures. If you are, sit back and enjoy all the cheezy SPFX, nudity, sex and gore this fun and strangely stylish Alien rip off has to offer. Let's not forget the slimy, nasty space monster that's the cause of all the bloodletting. And if that's not enough, the nubile Playboy bunny scientists that are responsible for all the nudity. Forbidden World is filmed by director Allan Holzman with an almost psychedelic music video style as it tells the story of a soldier, Mike Colby (Jesse Vint) sent to an isolated research station on the remote planet Xarbia to deal with a genetic experiment that has gotten out of control. Colby not only has to battle a growing and hungry genetic mutant but, handle not one, but, two hot and very horny female scientists (Dawn Dunlap and June Chadwick). The type of B movie they just don't make anymore. One of the last of it's kind. Crack a few beers and enjoy! EXTRA TRIVIA: Yes, you're not imagining things, those are fast food containers lining the walls of the space station. Corman thriftiness strikes again... ...and this may be the only film is movie history where a cancerous tumor is used as a weapon. Only in a Roger Corman production, folks!

Parmesh D (kr) wrote: An intellectual-comical treat!

Senor C (fr) wrote: Hanzo is back for the 2nd great installment of this series dealing out his own brand of justice w/ his sword, wakizashi, chain, sai, deadly lair & of coarse his giant cock. He is the officer from hell. This series is really picking up steam. This time out Hanzo investigates a girl who has died after having an abortion & once again he is sneering @ the government. Shintaro Katsu is merciless in this role & I fucking love it. He even cracks out the net again to extract information. Talk about tortured esctasy. His female prisoners have no other choice then to give up the goods & ask for more

Thanasis A (ag) wrote: 4 hours constant orgasm!!

John M (gb) wrote: I could, if I liked, and were inclined to do so, sum this up in one word. Annoying.Why am I annoyed by it? Firstly, Kenneth Branagh's almost studenty and first-time-director-type weirdo camera angles and security cam cut-aways are annoying - they scream 'lack of confidence', which a seasoned filmmaker such as he has no need for. Secondly, the lack of chemistry between Caine and Law is annoyingly baffling - usually, both actors could read out the phonebook and have me riveted, but for some reason there's just no zing here. Third and lastly, the writing is appalling, and comes off like Pinter writing a deliberately Pinter-esque script and sending himself up. Considering the stuff that Harold Pinter was capable of producing, this noticeable blip is annoying.

Crow W (br) wrote: .... this is good .... brought to you by 1955

Greg W (ca) wrote: just a treat to watch these gals 'work it'

John B (it) wrote: Serving as both a homage to Blaxploitation films & a gritty, action-packed thriller. Jackie Brown is another delightful treat from Quentin Tarantino.

Sean P (es) wrote: Picks up 15 years after the original radio program. It doesn't explain why the aliens came back, how they became immune, and frankly how a huge ship managed to shroud itself in the waters of NYC. 3.5 stars only because of the Highlander reunion.