Brother of the Wind

Brother of the Wind

A man raises four wolf pups, hoping to release them back into the wild.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:1973
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

A man raises four wolf pups, hoping to release them back into the wild. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Walter K (nl) wrote: A great deconstruction of how some people use Art, in this case Street Art, as a platform for political statements and activism while some succumb to using lazy unoriginal pieces to exploit an emerging art form for pure profit once a demand for such is dealt to them. The film plays on how those who do this contribute to the public opinion that this emerging form of graffiti has no more meaning or use than a tagger throwing their name up on a bridge. They create distraction, intentional or not , from the actual messages of serious artists by muddying the difference between sell out and the real deal.

Ian G (kr) wrote: A very interesting look and somewhat of a career capping retrospective for George Lucas from the eyes of the fans showing how a generation fell in love with his career defining Star Wars Original trilogy and how in the intervining years the farther away he got from the originals and more access to independence at the head of Lucasfilm, the more isolated he became in terms of getting quality feedback from his peers and the more vehement and outrage he got from his fanbase with the perceived decline in media product that came out especially with the Special Editions and Prequel Trilogy. Interestingly it was about a year after the release of this doc that he had announced his retirement from the industry and sold the rights to Star Wars and the production studio is Disney. Great to see and somewhat familiar if still enlightening to hear all the different perspectives of the fans who still dig him despite their disappointments as well as he the hard core hate. Worth a look with the incoming release of the Force Awakens later this year from Disney.

Levi N (nl) wrote: An adequate WWII movie with a bit of suspense, but the plot is a bit stretched by having to cover 4 years of war and the Swedish is a tad distracting.

Angel F (jp) wrote: It's an amazing film with a great story. It's very disappointing how underrated this movie is.

tom d (ru) wrote: Luke Perry and Ashley Judd its a very good actors in the movie. true story... i love true story...

Christina K (de) wrote: Although this movie always makes me cry.I really like the storyline.

Cassie P (au) wrote: saw it in german and for some reason i actually understood what was going on and it was funny to watch...if you are interested in culturual movies...

Sarah F (mx) wrote: Pretty mild for DeMille, but even without the insanity of a Clepatra its pretty entertaining. Plus there is still the over the top attack on the train to satisfy that part of us that loves the ridiculous, even if it did have more than its fair share of cringe inducing racism.

Calum F (br) wrote: I though this Van Damme film was pretty solid. Give this film a watch.

Carlos I (kr) wrote: Decent, but very cliche thriller. It's also hard to feel sorry for any of the protagonists, as they're all douchebags.