Brothers in Arms

Brothers in Arms

Old West. New Soul. Big Payback.

The two 'most wanted' cowboys in the New Mexico territory ride into Corazon for one last job - to rob the ruthless town boss. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mahesh P (us) wrote: Lacks the essential elements of Maneesh Sharma's previous movies (Band Baaja Baraat and Ladies Vs. Ricky Bahl). Extremely poor casting. No chemistry at all between the lead pair and Sushant Singh Rajput can't act-no idea why YRF chose to launch him. Script is incredibly weak with awfully simplistic dialogues. Story is incredibly underdeveloped. Perhaps the most disappointing element was the unimpressive music. Sharma's movies are always known for having incredible dances set to the backdrop of amazing songs. Not this one.

Kurt B (au) wrote: Gangster karma has never been good.

Zach M (au) wrote: This was a fun homage to the Russ Meyer's films.It had plenty of nice nudity and tons of zaniness. It almost reminded me of Troma movies of past with the killer, the terrible acting and goofiness.Really the name of the movie tells you a lot, Pervert, it has tons of naked ladies and cheesy sex jokes.

David D (gb) wrote: Bleh! Even David Thewlis can't bring his a-game and phones it in.

Elly M (mx) wrote: Love it! Great soundtrack, Awesome Gore. Perfect B horror movie feel. Whats not to love?

Rin L (ca) wrote: The musical is so good!

MariePier D (nl) wrote: I liked seeing Alec Baldwin and Nicole Kidman younger! And Tobin Bell, as bad as always! It's kind of confusing, I thought the thriller was the serial killer, (I missed the beginning and didn't even see Gwyneth Paltrow :( ), but NO! it's about a couple who can't have children, than it's a .... SUSPENSE!

Carlos I (au) wrote: Weak little ghost tale, for me at least. Maybe if I'd seen this as a kid, it would've had more of an effect... It's not poorly made or anything, just didn't connect with me.

Sharon S (mx) wrote: Very good sleuth series made movie

Greg W (ca) wrote: awesome funny period piece starring real life father n daughter

Joonas T (us) wrote: I love this comic and I love this movie, but it is best to consider them two separate entities.

Maciej H (kr) wrote: Unforgetable role of Zbigniew Cybulski. Tle legend of Polish Cinema. Must see

jay n (jp) wrote: Ugh! What a piece of slug. Racist even by 30's standard and syrupy sweet to boot. Stay away!

Shantell P (gb) wrote: Truly terrible zombie movie, this must have been pieced together while the producers were drunk. There are parts where they simply forgot to add the audio track. Amazing... The only part I enjoyed was when a zombie had its leg blown off with a shotgun, then started noshing down on the severed limb.