Browncoats: Redemption

Browncoats: Redemption

The crew of the Redemption is unintentionally thrown into a situation that turns into a catalyst for the second unified rise of the Independents against the Alliance.

Some secrets were not meant to be kept. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Davide P (kr) wrote: I love Veggie tales. This is a really good movie to watch at Easter time with one of the best silly songs.

Pat M (gb) wrote: kind of depressing,but an easily watchable flick.keeps you interested by being common day-realistic to say the least.

George P (it) wrote: Steve Stone Cold Austin was a wrestler and as such his fighting skills mostly consist of taking a beating then getting up and hitting someone with a chair. This means that fight scenes consist of him losing for the most part (until he finds some handy furniture), not very exciting really. What makes this film however is the enormous massive stupidity of the bad guys, they really are the most useless gand I have ever seen in a film. Their leader leaves them and gets eaten by a bear or something, the rest of them kill each other, get lost in the woods without a compass or any supplies and then try and kill big Steve whilst they are near chairs, stupidity in a tin.

Thomas K (fr) wrote: I loved this film when it was first released but now I'm so familiar with the director's cut it seems wrong to watch the original theatrical version.

Stephen E (gb) wrote: "Last Embrace" is an incompetently executed, wildly incoherent and overly melodramatic neo-noir thriller that's one of the dullest, most tepidly inspired pieces of cinema I've ever watched. Aside from Roy Scheider, whose performance is so over-the-top that it's almost admirable, the acting is laughably poor from the entire cast, and everything from the pacing to the direction to the lighting is painfully inept. How Jonathan Demme, Tak Fujimoto, Barry Malkin and Mikls Rzsa could get together and make sure a godawful hunk of soap opera-ish garbage is beyond me. It's an experience I hope never to endure again.

Down Town Kevin B (nl) wrote: Brilliant, Coburn is fantastic. A more alternative and zany look at war but still great. The accents of certain actors annoyed me though, it would probably have been better if the whole film were in German I reckon.

Loring P (mx) wrote: Is it OK to admit that I'm kind of over movies like this? I certainly believe everything it says, and it's nice to have my political predilections validated and all, but there's no real dissent voiced in it, and I found myself trying to imagine how a naysayer would respond to some of its claims. It seems to me that a stronger doc would have addressed some opposing claims more directly. Also, it really just wasn't artful--to my mind, the mark of a good doc is that it uses its medium in compelling ways: this film did not do that.