The new warden of a small prison farm in Arkansas tries to clean it up of corruption after initially posing as an inmate.

When the new warden comes in disguised as an inmate, he sees firsthand all the corruption and scams the guards and prison officials are running. After disclosing his real identity, he sets out to correct. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian C (fr) wrote: A fine cast in Creed - Miles, Arterton, Elba and Wareing but it is depressing as fuck and would make events on Albert Square look like an episode of Happy Days.

Timothy J (gb) wrote: Another reason to watch Foreign films. A bizarre and unique movie. A good love story that ends tragic. The visuals are very interesting with the use of a lot of stop motion animation.

Nurul N (br) wrote: Seriously a typical storyline, but with a great cast, which is a waste! Pity Akshay Kumar's character though.

Isabelle D (ru) wrote: Great deception. I was hoping for much better...

James B (nl) wrote: Absolutely TERRIBLE. Yes I watched it. All the way through, argh

Garwin S (it) wrote: Love seeing lesser known vintage movies. So non-PC. Women are submissive trophies for lusty heroes, natives are expendable cannon fodder for enemy bullets. You also get to see budding stars in their second-billing years, like Steve McQueen and Charles Bronson. Interesting that this movie was directed by John Sturges who made the Magnificent Seven a year later, launching these two actors to stardom.

jay n (es) wrote: Flashy but unmemorable musical that does contain one beautiful song "Whispering".

Ewa H (br) wrote: genialne aktorstwo Javiera, dobry film

Suresh M (au) wrote: Robin Sparkles best work since all those Marvel movies and yeah, I'm glad Ted ended up with her in HIMYM and if you're one of those HIMYM fans who didn't like that, then you can go suck it

Carlos R (nl) wrote: Nowhere near as bad as everyone keeps saying it is. Andrew Garfield was a great choice for Spider-Man, and he fits his character very well.