Bruce Lee and I

Bruce Lee and I

Unicorn travels to a village troubled by gangsters in search of revenge for the murder of his parents years before. The task is made more complicated when he befriends a middle-aged woman and her son who begin to admire and depend on him.

Once upon a time, the rover who`s name is Ah-Lung became friend with the young man called Tiger and Lung was invited by Tiger to join his family. When he arrived to Tiger`s family`s handyman he enjoyed his new life, however Tiger offended Wong who is short tempered son of a notorious gangster, Lung must protect himself from the gangsters. Later Lung and Tiger forced to join the young women who is pursued by Wong after Wong`s gang killed her family at the acrobatic troupe. Ah-Lung shares his martial art knowledge with his new friends he met in order to defeat Wong and his thugs . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason C (ca) wrote: What a letdown, it has some funny moments but is far more bad attempts at humor and just becomes more of a sad than anything else. Does have a nice ending though. If they had stayed in the office setting and dropped the band aspect it would have been so much better.

Matthew L (br) wrote: Tough drama about a faithful wife caring for her quadruple amputee husband in WWII era Japan makes its point a little too early. Under the surface of his heroism lies a dark secret, and his wife's struggle to care for him becomes an epic battle of will. It's a strong concept, but a repetitive and oppressive film. Well acted but lacking emotional cohesion.

Andy B (kr) wrote: January 2013 at Eccles during Sundance.

Umair K (ag) wrote: So many characters ... i lost it some what in the middle ... a bad show

Hobie P (kr) wrote: Cheaply made but I hade fun anyway!

Scot Q (it) wrote: Interesting how off the description on Netflix was so off, didn't even mention that Maxi was gay which was the central theme of the movie, nor was the cop his first love it said he helped him with his troubled family. Good music, interesting themes, not mind blowing, but worth the 100 minute run time.

Jake S (br) wrote: Good stuff, it shows people from different worlds can be brought together by the most mundane things.

A a (ca) wrote: Lots of silly fun and well acted!

Ryuji K (fr) wrote: Great australian film

Kelly C (ag) wrote: I had mixed emotions on seeing this film. I felt that this film was too "clean" for my tastes. It is a wonderful family film due to the fact that it is a clean movie, which is rare these days. However, I also felt that it could have featured more football game moments and practices. The ending itself was bittersweet simply because the audience learns of the high school's fate, the football team's fate, but never really know what happened with the primary character. I will admit, that it was interesting "Young Hercules" Ian Bohen portray a villian turned benevolent soul.

Chris B (it) wrote: Just finished watching this film for the first time and I loved it. The setting and the costume designs are incredible. Daniel Day-Lewis as Bill "The Butcher" Cutting is outstanding and terrifying. Leonardo Dicaprio and Cameron Diaz are both great as well. Another great Scorsese movie. A shame that it didn't win one Oscar out of the ten that it was nominated for.

STEVEN T G (it) wrote: cause i love live nude grils.

Trine P (gb) wrote: One of my most favourite movies ever. The surrealism, the quirkyness, the complete absurd situations this poor frozen Japanese man find himself in , as he travels across a winterly Iceland to do his duty - makes this a must see!!!

Jason S (it) wrote: Very slick performance from Don Johnson, he gives depth to the character through the ?superficialness? he has the character display. Everything Greenhill does seems practiced to perfection ? as well groomed as he is.

Bradley K (nl) wrote: Meticulously sets up the revealing final act. We'll worth the wait.

mark s (es) wrote: top notch action in this cool action movie well worth a look

Harrison R (it) wrote: The whole series is perfect, though each episode independently isn't that interesting

Neo G (ru) wrote: Blu-ray is just amazing. Must own. Sophia <3

Semira M (au) wrote: Though not advertised as such - a love story between a thug and his boss. A match made in heaven between two dishonest men with amusing humor and twists.

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